Kick-Start The Summer On Asbury Park’s First Ever Pedal Bar

by Mary Sparago
Asbury Park's First Ever Pedal Bar

We all have our favorite “Cheers” bar. But let’s face it, the repetition of scenery can grow mundane—especially if you’re the adventurous type. The culture of bar crawling is largely inspired by this desire to bounce around venues. So what if the bar crawled instead of the patrons? 

At New Jersey’s Asbury Pedalcycle, a 15-seat tavern-on-wheels offers a new way to enjoy the Jersey Shore. With peaceful exercise, ever-changing views and plenty of drinks, here’s why Asbury Park’s first ever pedal bar is the latest craze. 

What Are Pedal Bars?

Europe first invented pedal bars, also called party bikes, in 1997. At first, they were designed to transport patrons to-and-from bars around the area. As drinking and biking continued to merge, businesses established the modern pedal bar. 

Its popularity has grown throughout the world, enticing locals and tourists alike as a multifaceted activity. Today, pedal bars are available in nearly every metropolitan area in the U.S.

The activity is centered around teamwork and fun. If you imagine a bicycle capable of fitting roughly 20 people, a long table and an overhead canopy––you’ve envisioned a party bike. Each passenger has a seat, equipped with pedals, facing the bar. While the guests are in charge of powering the bike, the tour guide controls the steering and braking. 

Patrons drink and pedal, cruising along the city streets while playing games and music. Stopping at landmarks, local stores and even other popular bars, the party bike enhances your average trip around the city. For a change of pace––at roughly five miles-per-hour––pedal bars are a thrilling summer activity. 

Asbury Park’s Pedal Bar Is Worth A Shot

As New Jersey’s only 15-passenger pedal tour, the Pedalcycle in Asbury Park might be a strange sight. The human-powered tavern is equipped with seats on either side of a long, U-shaped table. Along with a bench towards the back, the large bar-on-wheels has plenty of room for friends and Fireball.

During the summer months, this open-air bar crawl hosts bachelorette parties, college events, team-building exercises, private parties and casual reservations. This summer, to accommodate everyone’s desired experience, it will allow guests to BYOB.

The Pedalcycle’s standard tour includes a two-hour city excursion. During that time, the mobile tavern stops at three of the most well-known bars in the area. Grab speciality drinks inside, or sip your own along the way. And as you enjoy some pleasant exercise between destinations, sing along to your favorite songs with friends through the bar’s speakers. 

Refuel At The Pedalcycle’s Food Tours

If you’re looking for less beer and more bites, the Pedalcycle also offers food tours. Partnering with Taste of Asbury Food Tours, this all-inclusive voyage features the best tastes in Asbury Park. 

For three hours, adventurers can pedal around town while sampling popular foods and drinks. Notably called the Bikes, Bars and Bites Food Tour, this activity includes three drinks, a wide variety of sample dishes, including vegetarian options. Guests are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks along for the ride.

The food tour makes stops throughout the Boardwalk, letting hungry bikers try bites like pizza from Porta or cocktails from the Waterfront Lounge. The revolving atmosphere provides a new perspective on Asbury Park’s culinary experience, revealing everything from popular venues to hidden gems

Feature image courtesy of @thepedalcycle.

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