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Why More and More People Are Vaping Instead Of Smoking Weed 

by Allen Brown

Marijuana is one of the plants that have for the longest time been surrounded by all sorts of drama, myths, and controversies. In the past few years, however, a mountain of research has revealed the many untold benefits of the green herb, synonymously known as weed, including medicinal uses like alleviating pain and treating anxiety.

Moreover, it is available in many forms these days apart from the smokable stuff, including edibles, oils, and tinctures. With the increasing popularity of vaporizers, more and more people prefer vaping cannabis instead of smoking it.

Here are some possible reasons for the increasing preference for vaping weed as opposed to smoking.

1. Distinct Flavors 

The cannabis products market has grown explosively over the years as more states and countries continue to legalize weed for medical and even recreational use. As long as you have a vaporizer, weed is available in a diverse range of flavors and THC levels to choose from in cartridges. Isomerized delta 8 carts are specifically loved by vaping enthusiasts. This is due to the relaxing high they provide, not forgetting the many benefits of this THC variant. Consumers find the experience more exciting compared to smoking.

2. Safer To the Lungs 

When vaping, you are basically consuming the active substance in marijuana with minimal toxic substances. This is unlike smoking, where the smoke is laden with various gas compounds and products of combustion. Among the various types of cannabis, vaping is considered gentler and more forgiving to the vital respiratory organs compared to smoking. You are less likely to burden your lungs with toxins, irritants, and carcinogens when vaping than smoking marijuana.

3. Effects Are More Intense 

When vaping marijuana, the effects are much more intense compared to smoking. The onset of effects is often also quicker compared to smoking. This is because, with the latter, the body has to work harder to absorb the active ingredients.

4. Discreteness and Convenience of Vapes 

Cannabis vaporizers also provide weed consumers with one incredible jewel of convenience. They offer discreteness because the vapor is essentially odorless, dissipating almost instantly in the air. Unlike smoking weed, which can be detected from almost a mile away, you can comfortably vape your herb in the comfort of your room or house in a shared apartment without any concerns.

Furthermore, handheld vapes are available, including vape pens that you simply slide into your jacket or shirt pocket for easy access. Also, you will not need to sweat looking for a lighter or matches when you need to weed your joint.

5. More Cost-Effective 

A puff of vape essentially contains more THC compared to a puff of a smoked joint. Vaporizers convert more than 45 percent of THC in weed into vapor, whereas in smoking, you only get 25 percent or less. Especially for medical-grade cannabis, this means that vaping can be more cost-effective in the long term.

Whether you’re a moderate weed user or you need marijuana for medical purposes, one thing is for sure. Vaping tends to have more perks compared to smoking. Even though the latter is the more traditional consumption method whose history dates several centuries back, we cannot overlook technological advances. Just make sure you get the quality product before and use a vape from a reputed provider always.

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