A Cool Guide to the Different Types of Ice Machines

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Is running low on ice a common problem you face in your business? If that’s the case, then perhaps you don’t have the right ice machine.

A commercial-grade ice machine is a great investment that will provide you with reliable service for years. There are various types of ice machines, all with their own distinct features and benefits.

If you are looking to buy an ice maker or replace your current one, knowing the differences between these devices will help you make a good decision. This article will break down what they all have in common and what makes them different from one another.

Self-Contained Ice Machine

A self-contained ice machine is a take-home machine. This machine is great for businesses that have locations far away from the office.

When deciding whether to choose a self-contained ice machine or not, you should also keep in mind that although they’re ideal for take-home use, some are also good for in-store use. A self-contained ice machine is an ideal solution if you have a business that needs a little more ice than the rest of your staff can get from the fridge.

Regardless of what ice machine you decide to get, it’s important that the ice it makes is clear, not cloudy. Continue here to keep learning about cloudy ice cubes.

Ice Dispenser

An ice dispenser is one of the most common inventory management systems. They’re ideal for use in homes, restaurants, and convenience stores.

The ice dispenser usually comes with a hopper that will hold a certain amount of ice. It can empty into a dispenser without any human intervention.

When purchasing an ice dispenser, you should decide whether you want a manual or automatic one. The automatic ice dispensers are great for businesses with multiple locations that need to keep ice stocked at all times, while the manual ice dispensers are best suited for home use.

Modular Ice Machines

The modular ice machine is helpful for large businesses that need to keep a lot of ice stocked but don’t necessarily have a huge budget. It’s also ideal for companies such as hospitals, restaurants, and schools since they need to keep ice stocked for extended periods.

Countertop Ice Machines

Countertop ice machines are a great choice for businesses dispensing ice a few times a week. Countertop ice machines are smaller than the modular ice machine and are good for storing on counters.

They’re good for businesses that need to stock up on ice for parties or other events that pop up from time to time. The countertop ice machine is compact and easy to store, making it perfect for smaller businesses.

Types Of Ice Machines—Revealed

Now that you’ve discovered the types of ice machines, you can now purchase a suitable one for your business. Just keep in mind that the best ice machines available on the market are high-quality, low-energy-use machines that provide reliable service for years.

When you buy an ice machine, you want to find one that will improve your business’ performance and operations and save money. That being said, if you’d like to read similar posts, explore the rest of our site!

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