Fitness Apps That Pay Crypto for Exercising

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We love what we see when we exercise, especially because it helps us to stay healthy. The flat abs, six-packs, rounded hips, hourglass body – those are no doubt exciting rewards of working out. However, the road to getting these results is long, requiring consistency and patience. Working out is the hardest thing to do – especially on the days when there is no motivation.

But what if you were being paid to work out? In cryptocurrency! There are, in fact, several fitness apps that pay you to exercise with virtual coins that can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Tether/USDT, etc. You can even begin cryptocurrency investment if you want.

While several crypto apps exist for fitness enthusiasts, here are the most important ones you should consider checking out.


FitCoin fitness app lets you earn Fitcoin tokens as you work out. The app uses fitness trackers that send data like your heart rate and length of workout sessions to the app. With this, it monitors how much energy you burn.

The more energy you burn, the more FitCoin tokens you earn. If you so desire, you can buy BNB, Bitcoin, Tether/USDT with your FitCoin tokens and begin trading. Imagine earning some digital coins by choosing to stay fit; sounds good, right? Yes, and that’s what the FitCoin app offers you.


This fitness app has its own cryptocurrency, ‘Sweatcoins.’ You earn Sweatcoins from walking outdoors, and the more fitness tasks you can complete, the more coins you can earn. The app tracks the number of steps you take in a day and converts it to Sweatcoins.

Sweatcoins can be used in cryptocurrency investment like Bitcoin and the rest. You can also trade your Sweatcoins for any of the other digital currencies available.


Lympo also has its crypto coin, ‘Lym crypto tokens.’ You earn Lym crypto tokens from completing daily health tasks and fitness challenges. Every new day comes with its tasks to help you keep fit and achieve your desired body goals.

The tokens can buy physical products from any Lympo shop or the app’s marketplace. Lympo uses blockchain technology, the same as the cryptocurrency market, making it secure for crypto transactions.


Actfit fitness app auto-tracks your everyday activity and lets you earn its token, AFIT tokens. You get paid for engaging in jogging, walking, doing household chores, walking the dog, etc. The more activity you complete, the more coins you earn, and this can be a great way to earn some passive coins that may increase in value subsequently.


Wellcoin rewards its users by giving them its tokens, Wellcoins, for daily healthy habits. The habits may include having enough sleep at night, drinking healthy beverages, working out, or doing house chores. With the app on your phone and the proper configuration in place, you can earn some Wellcoin daily. The app’s coin can be used to purchase products online.


Another fitness app in the cryptocurrency market allows crypto and fitness enthusiasts to earn some passive income. In exchange for doing outdoor activities like jogging, running, walking, and hiking, users get rewarded with life coins. It converts step counts to virtual coins.

The coin can be used to purchase products online, including gift cards, sporting goods, gadgets, etc. The coin can also be used for cryptocurrency investment. For instance, gift cards can be exchanged to buy USDT, Bitcoin, Tether/USDT, etc.

PK Rewards

PK Rewards fitness app tracks all your activities that involve moving: walking, running, aerobics, and sports of any kind. It converts energy burned to coins. The coin can then be used to buy gift cards, pay for trips, or carry out any regular activity. 


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market. That includes coin fitness apps like Runkeeper that reward you for reaching workout targets. The app lets you set specific fitness goals and also track your improvement level. It keeps you accountable by offering incentives for every task completed.


This is one of the most interesting fitness apps out there for crypto enthusiasts. It lets you set goals for walking, cycling, and running while listening to an audio coach. At the end of each workout, you earn sports coins. Sports coins can be redeemed for various kinds of prizes, including gift cards.

These are genuine fitness apps that pay you cryptocurrency to stay in shape. You can keep fit on one side and buy USDT or any cryptocurrency of your choice on the other side. It’s a win-win situation, and you’re the only one winning!

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