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The education sector has been buzzing with news and events going on. The trending news in education shapes how students learn and interact with their fellow students in the coming academic year. From increased admission rates to the new students’ relief loan plan, the education sector has not been short of trending news around it. Let’s have a look at some of the top headlines. 

Student Athletes’ Mental Health Has Improved, But Not for All

Students generally struggle to keep their mental wellness in check. The struggle is more on student-athletes who often face the pressure to perform on the field and in class. This pressure forces a student to use an essay writing service to do school work so they can focus more on sports and other commitments. While some student-athletes have found a way to maintain their mental wellness, some are still reporting their mental health struggles. The top struggles athletes have reported dealing with include insomnia, imposter syndrome, burnout, and anxiety. 

Student-athletes have also raised concerns about seeking professional help. A larger percentage of female athletes acknowledge that they know where they can get help to keep their mental health in check. In contrast, male athletes indicated that they might feel inadequate if they pursued assistance from a therapist. The insecurities about seeking professional help are the reason why most athletes continue to struggle with their mental health.  

US Medical Schools Struggle with First Admissions after Affirmative Action 

American medical schools are sifting through their first applications after the Supreme Court’s decision in June to outlaw race-based admissions to college. Underrepresentation in the medical field has been a major concern and was addressed by the ruling. Solutions to have more people of color in elite institutions are already being put in place. The National Medical Association, which is an organization for Black physicians, is raising funds to sponsor students who wish to join elite institutions. Concerns have also been raised about making the job hiring process inclusive. 

New Students’ Relief Loan Plan

The loan relief plan came at a time when graduates were struggling to pay accumulated student loans. These loans have been a financial setback to many. However, there is finally relief for those with student debts as the Biden Administration announced that there is a three-section plan in place to assist working and middle and low-income student debtors to move back to normal payment after the expiry of the pandemic-related support. Included in the plan are forgiveness of loans worth $20000. The second is the extension of the payment moratorium. The proposal also addresses providing some relief to those who are forced to pay back more than they were loaned. Some of the people likely to benefit from this relief include:

  • People who have been paying back their education loans for years.
  • Those who are yet to apply for forgiveness of any loans.
  • Those receiving hefty interests on principal amounts.
  • Graduates of predatory colleges.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said that student loans are intended to be a ladder to success and not as a ball-and-chain, endless debt. The proposal will perhaps wait some time to be passed into law, but once the law is put in place, it will help many student borrowers, particularly those from low-income households.

Native Students Could Start Wearing Tribal Regalia during Graduation 

Some states forbid students from wearing the traditional regalia at graduation. However, this may come to a halt. A bill has been launched in the Wisconsin state legislature to allow indigenous students to wear their cultural regalia for their graduation ceremony. But this can perhaps only continue for a short time. In Wisconsin, a proposed bill has been initiated to permit the wearing of cultural clothing by students at their graduation. However, though the state recognizes individuals’ religion and cultural customs, it currently makes no formal proclamation regarding whether traditional apparel should be worn at school events.

The Rise of Borderless Education 

Traditional systems of education limited learning to class and site. However, with technological change, foreign curriculums have come to students and can be accessed without having to move to a particular country or city. For international students, the greatest hurdle has long been the costs related to studying overseas. And for a long time, only people of high socioeconomic status have qualified to be “international students.”

In these days of the proliferation of different online learning channels, students can choose to study at international institutions with little difficulty. Fueled by the belief that education should not be too expensive, there are a number of online learning providers offering good quality education at affordable rates.

UW-Madison Starts a Program to Cover Education Expenses for Indigenous Students 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has launched a program to cater to education expenses such as housing of indigenous students. The program will utilize donations and internal funding to cater for tuition fees and upkeep for undergraduate indigenous students. It is set to take off in 2024. It is confirmed that indigenous students studying medicine and law will have their tuition fees paid as well. However, students have to provide proof that they are tribal members. The scholarship will run for three years. 

A Disruptive Year in College Admissions

2023 has seen several dramatic changes in college admissions and has set a precedent for the 2024 academic year, especially after the affirmative action ruling and the heated political battle on the values and mission of higher education. A number of public and private colleges have already decided to revise their admission policies in response to factors like the Supreme Court decision outlawing race-based admissions. This has led to the establishment of new models of admissions, such as direct and guaranteed admissions. They have allowed campuses to take a more comprehensive view in coming up with university admission policies.

Wrapping Up 

There is a lot going on in the education field, and several news-making headlines are set to make changes even in the coming academic years. Issues such as student loan relief come at a time when many graduates are working hard to pay off student debts that have accrued interest. Also, the changes happening in college admissions have given a chance to several students who may not have gotten the opportunity to join elite institutions due to their race. We expect more changes and events that will result in more benefits for students.

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