How to Find Someone’s History Before Marrying Them

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It’s not very hard to find someone’s history today. Some people are concerned that anyone can find anyone else as long as they have accurate information. All kinds of records are available on the internet.

It’s easy to run a background check if you can get the correct information from your partner. You should be able to if you intend to marry them!

Collect Personal Information

You need as much information about your future wife or husband as possible. Obligatory details include their full name, aliases, place of birth, date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license number, and current and previous address. It might even emerge that the person is already married.

Ask them for relatives’ names, names of former employers, the school they went to, or any organizations they were members of. You can use these to narrow down search results and make sure you’re getting accurate ones.

You could also ask if they were ever convicted of a crime or arrested in the past. If they were, what was the penalty? Any details will be helpful. If your future spouse committed a crime, ask about any fines they paid or whether they did time.

Your future spouse’s financial history is critical. Have they ever filed for bankruptcy, or were they subjected to foreclosure on their assets? Simply asking might be more effective than trying to find out by searching online because some information is publicly available only for a specific period of time.

Getting Started Online

You can probably find someone online as long as they are over 18. You could begin with a simple Google search. Enter their name and their city or state enclosed in quote marks to get only relevant search results.

You might get some previous addresses from White Pages, including the names of other people who were living there. You can do this to check the accuracy of any information they give you.

Doing a Background Check

A lot of platforms offer free background checks. A few examples are,,,, and To get as much information as possible, search not only their name but also any cities and states they’ve lived in, their height, weight, and race, and any personally identifying characteristics, like physical impediments or tattoos. If they were convicted or accused of a crime, enter the type of the crime or alleged offense.

Pipl searches the deep web and can find pages your future spouse created on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media. Social networks can reveal lots about their history. The author himself will provide much of this information.

Search Public Records and other vital statistics sites can help you find people’s birth, marriage, and divorce records. Many of these websites don’t allow third parties to access the information, though. You can try doing a search of court, financial, and driving records, but some states limit access to the information.

It’s possible to get further details from state criminal courts and city and county criminal records if you want to carry out an in-depth criminal background check. Try searching the OFAC Patriot Act database and the databases of the National Department of Corrections. The information you’ll get depends on the state. You can buy some of it from online data brokers if you don’t have enough time to look. Other information can only be obtained in person. Find your state’s “.gov” website as a start.

Pay for Additional Information

While there are online resources offering free background checks, some details are only available in exchange for payment. This might be as little as $10 or more than $100, depending on what type of information you’re looking for and what resource you’re using.

You’ll save the time and effort of looking through different court websites by paying a private resource, although these sites can provide information about a person’s criminal record for free. Keep this in mind when looking at free background check sites as well. If you’re looking for fast results, you might have to pay for them.

Benefits of a Professional Screening Service

Knowing your future spouse’s history is critical, so using a professional background check service will probably pay off. The company will comb through records and databases to reveal information about vital stats, potentially a criminal record, other names the person might have gone by, and previous addresses. The small fee will be worth it. Some services offer unlimited searches for a flat rate.

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