Road Trip Tips And Tricks: How To Prepare Yourself For An RV Journey

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RV road trips are a great and affordable way to travel long and short distances with the comforts of home right there when you need them. They are great for taking the whole family and there are many great camping destinations that you can choose from.

This being said, long drives and days spent traveling can become pretty tiresome. Here are a few tips and tricks to better prepare you for an RV journey so that you can enjoy the ride, and arrive safely at your destination.

Safety first

Be sure to pack a first aid kit as well as a roadside emergency kit. Before you leave and every time you stop, be sure to check your tires and do a walk-around inspection of the RV. If you are renting an RV make sure that you get it from a reputable dealer. The professionals at have a list of 7 leaders in RV rental. There are a lot of different RVs, so it is important to find the right one for you and your family.

Let someone know your route and estimated arrival times

Let them know approximate arrival times. It is common for one to lose cell service on the road and if something were to happen, having someone “follow” you will make it easier to get help. Keep in touch with them throughout your trip to keep them in the loop and to inform them of any changes to your plans.

Prepare healthy snacks and stay hydrated

It is very tempting and incredibly easy to load up on junk food. Fast food is also super convenient on the road, but expensive and not healthy. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying these things in moderation, be sure to also bring a few healthy snacks along and to drink plenty of water and not just soft drinks.

Stop every few hours

Pushing too much can lead to burnout and exhaustion endangering those in the vehicle. Take breaks by getting out and enjoying some fresh air. Take driving shifts if possible, so that it doesn’t become too much work. This means that you avoid the risk of falling asleep, or mentally checking out and not focusing on the road.

Exercise during breaks

Moving and stretching while driving long distances is important to avoid cramping, soreness, or stiffness. Do a few stars jumps when you stop to get your blood flowing, to wake you up, and to stretch those legs. You don’t want to arrive at your destination with an achy body.

Gas up often

Don’t let your tank get too much below half. We usually know how far we can go before our cars need to be filled, and know that a gas station is a few miles away. However, if you are renting an RV, you should not risk this. On the road gas stations can become a little harder to find, especially when traveling through more rural areas.

If the RV is your own, you need to keep in mind that varying wind, speeds, and a plethora of other factors influence your mileage and you can’t always go on your usual mileage trends. Remember, you can’t guarantee that you will have cell phone service, so if you were to run out of gas you could be stranded until someone stops to help.

Entertain yourself to pass the time

You’ll want to find ways of keeping everyone in the car occupied, whether it’s listening to an audiobook, sing along to your favorite songs, or playing the classic road trip games. If you have your pets with you be sure to keep them entertained, too. Bones and toys can reduce their boredom.

Try not to drive past dark

Many people think that driving at night is the best time to drive when on a road trip. Less traffic, and the opportunity for passengers to pass the time by sleeping sound attractive. However, you are usually already tired when you drive at night and this is increasingly dangerous with reduced visibility due to the dark. Wildlife is also more active at night and harder to spot. Rest after a long day rather than trying to put in a few extra miles.

Check your route ahead of time

Don’t mindlessly follow the directions on your GPS. Driving a car vs. an RV is very different and the fastest route isn’t always the best one. Look at RV resources online for better route options.

Now that you have a few more ideas of how to prepare for your RV trip we hope that you have a safe journey.

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