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How to Prevent Commuter Electric Scooter Battery Fires?

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The invention of the electric scooter goes back to the early 19 hundreds. However, they have reached new lengths in these recent years. They have offered an easy and fast means of transport. If you want to purchase one, you could go to Varla, one of the best electric scooter stores in the U.S; we have a variety of adult scooter catering to all types of people.

There is an 40 mph electric scooter meant for adrenaline and adventure enthusiasts. A city commuter scooter that is perfect for people who want a dual motor electric scooter with more than average range yet a minimalistic design. And lastly, we also have our bestseller, Eagle One Dual Motor. It is an ideal electronic scooter for those who like to have a combination of power and comfort; it strikes the perfect balance between heavy-duty components and manageable power.

As established, Varla is an excellent all terrain electric scooter store; it is affordable, high-quality, and customer-centric. However, even their premium quality e-scooters are capable of bursting into fire. If you think the more high-end electric scooters won’t catch flames, you are mistaken. Every scooter is prone to fire because most of them run on lithium-ion batteries; these batteries are at a higher fire risk potential.

To What Extent Are Lithium-Ion Batteries A Fire Risk? 

Primarily, lithium-ion batteries are used because they contain an enormous amount of power. They are able to provide an electronic scooter with the ability to cover miles on a single charge. This is also one of the main reasons why lithium-ion batteries are favored in most devices, i.e., smartphones, laptops, tablets, and now e-scooters.

These particular batteries are favored because they are lightweight, comparatively cost-effective, durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.

Generally speaking, lithium-ion batteries are the safer and more beneficial option compared to the rest on the market. However, ironically, the reason behind their popularity is likely why they have become a concern as of late.

Their extreme amounts of energy make them more susceptible to flames; when they contain 150 Watt-Hours of current in only a 1 kg battery, they are at risk of overheating, making them vulnerable to fire. Their sensitivity to high temperatures combined with the energy makes them highly flammable.

However, while the battery is the cause of these fires, additional factors provoke the battery to overheat and become more inclined to burst into flames.

What Causes An Electric Scooter Battery To Catch Fire? 

The primary source of a fire is the rechargeable batteries used in an off road electric scooter. And as the demand for heavy-duty commuter scooter increase, the manufacturers of top motorized scooters use more and more powerful lithium-ion batteries, which are a better fit for automotive machines.

However, as previously mentioned, there is usually a trigger for a lithium-ion battery to suddenly erupt; let’s learn which one it could be for you.

Battery Failure

Battery failure is one of the most prominent reasons why the battery burst. The disastrous loss of a battery cell, or worse, a battery part, typically causes a big fire.

Most of the time, the loss of a battery component is because of poor construction or flawed design, or physical and mechanical damage.

Poor Construction

As the escooter industry progressed, many companies surfaced. These said companies wish to take advantage of the billion-dollar profit the industry annually makes, which makes their intentions clear. When an all terrain electric scooter store doesn’t care enough about the scooters and customer experience, they won’t manufacture quality products because they are only doing this for profit.

There will be no improvement when there is a lack of effort involved. In fact, the construction of the scooter will be poor. Some of them tend to make their batteries using poor-quality materials, and then they don’t participate in control inspections.

While manufacturing, welding burns or debris may find its way into a battery’s electrolyte. And considering how the lithium-ion battery cells contract and expand as they de-energize and energize, the debris reacts and passes through the separator. This will likely lead to a short circuit, producing more heat and pressure. If it isn’t vented properly, the battery will start overheating, which will lead to a fire.

Physical Damage

Another common cause of electric scooter fire is physical or mechanical damage. While most lithium-ion batteries are enveloped and encased in the all terrain electric scooter itself, some constant knocks and hits damage the battery regardless.

Some manufacturers claim that their dual motor electric scooters can handle forceful thrusts and hits. However, if those forceful thrusts and hits mechanically damage, puncture, or crush the battery, they will lead to a short circuit. In turn, the gas pressure and heat will trigger the thermal runaway in the battery.

Commuter scooter riders have to understand that mechanical and physical damage will immediately cause a fire or, worse, a defect that will erupt in flames afterward. So, this is why you should consider buying from a reputable dual motor electric scooter store that will ensure the battery is functional and in optimal condition.

Tips To Prevent Electric Scooter Fire

Precaution is crucial if you don’t wish to witness an electric scooter fire. While these tips may sound simple, implementing them will make a significant difference.

Don’t Overcharge 

An long range electric scooter fire is often caused because of overcharging. You may think that it doesn’t sound like a big problem, but it is. Overcharging often occurs when your electric charger breaks down or doesn’t fit with the scooter. A wrong charger causes the control system to determine the cell voltage inaccurately.

When you overcharge a lithium-ion battery, it causes the anode material to gather in the metal deposits. These same deposits will likely continually grow until they pass through the separator itself, which then leads to a short circuit. In turn, it triggers a thermal reaction which is what inevitably causes the battery to ignite and explode.

So, remember to use a functional and correct charger for your battery, and don’t leave the scooter unattended to charge for a long while. That being said, you should refrain from leaving your dual motor electric scooter to charge overnight.

Store It Properly

Many people often overlook this tip because they assume it won’t affect the scooter as much. A dual-motor electric scooter usually works under high pressure; it has long distances to cover, uneven and steep roads to travel, maneuver, and speed past many roadblocks and traffic, etc.

Therefore, a safe and cool place for it to rest is extremely crucial. If you store your electronic scooter in relatively humid or overheated spaces, you will notice the range has decreased, and your battery isn’t as efficiently charging anymore.

The ideal storage temperature will be around 32 to 86 Fahrenheit (0 to 30 Celsius). Pro tip: don’t store the motor scooter under direct sunlight; it will self-discharge.

Buy From a Reputable Electric Scooter Store

Considering manufacturing and construction play one of the biggest roles in long range electric scooter fires, you should buy from a trustworthy and high-quality electric scooter store. If your electric scooter for heavy adults doesn’t have the fundamental components or doesn’t have an optimal battery, it will likely ignite in the future, maybe even while you are riding it.

To prevent commuter scooter fire, you should buy a dual-motor electric scooter from Varla. We have a focused team and reliable manufacturers who build e-scooters with quality and the customer experience in mind.

How Do You Stop An Electric Scooter Battery Fire?

Lithium-ion battery fires are categorized as “Class B” fires seeing as they have a flammable electrolyte. And they aren’t “Class D” fires either because they don’t have lithium metals; therefore, a “Class D” fire extinguisher will be useless.

If it is a minor fire, you may use water to douse it; it has proven to be quite effective. However, considering how using water to put out lithium-ion battery fires is a controversial and case-by-case topic, you should keep a designated fire extinguisher on the side.

A major electric scooter for heavy adults fire is mostly doused through the water. The water allows the temperature to cool down and prevents it from erupting again.

Final Words

If you wish to avoid ever facing an motorized scooter fire, you should follow these tips and preventative methods. A lithium-ion battery is more susceptible to fire, but it doesn’t mean it will burst into flames just it goes under direct sunlight. Nevertheless, if you buy from the best electric scooter store, your battery will be in prime condition and less likely to ignite immediately.

Contact Varla for a premium-quality dual motor electric scooter and discounted prices and accessories.

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