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Social Catfish is a people finder website that specializes in helping people verify information about a person they’ve met. Although the website labels itself as a dating investigation service, it works the same as any other people finder.


You enter a person’s name, phone, address, email, or username and it brings up information about them by scanning public databases, social networks, and news articles. While there are other sites that offer the same, Social Catfish stands out as a reliable website.

However, one downside of Social Catfish is it locks the results and asks users to sign up for a subscription. Since you can’t really know the results without paying, it risks paying for nothing. Although the subscription is inexpensive – costing only $6 for five days of unlimited search – you’ll find free alternatives that work just as effectively.


Our article will do just that – pointing you to the best free alternative to Social Catfish. Read to the end to know how we’ve made our pick and how you can use this free Social Catfish alternative.

What Is the Best Free Alternative to Social Catfish?

During our research for a Social Catfish free alternative, we’ve tried dozens of people finders that require no subscription and credit card details. Unfortunately, most were a waste of time as nothing was displayed in the results or had irrelevant information.


This is a well-known issue with free people finders. They make you wait with pop-ups that take forever to load. Once every loading bar ends eventually, you either face an error or get asked to pay even though it was supposed to be free.


After going through all these annoying experiences, we stumbled upon It’s a people finder free tool you can use. Like Social Catfish, it scans public databases, government records, and social networks to compile information about individuals.


Luckily for us, all the claims made on were valid. We’ve made several searches on the site and were never asked to pay for it. Since it felt too good to be true, we’ve used our own names to verify the information’s accuracy. Here’s more on our experience using this free alternative and how it works to give you insights.

How Does Free People Search Work? works seamlessly in a straightforward way. To begin a search, you simply enter the person’s name, last name, and address using only city and state. It then scans the internet to find the person you want to learn more about.

Optionally, you can answer a few more questions to narrow the search results, such as the person’s age range and if you suspect them to have a criminal background. We recommend answering these questions if you know them about the person to finish the search faster.


Once the search is over, it shows you a list of people with basic details, such as known locations, age, education, and education history, to help you locate the person. Upon finding the person you’re looking for, you can then view the full report online or download it to your device.


All this took five to ten minutes from our experience, depending on the information provided in the initial search and the questions answered to narrow the results. However, note that it may take longer if you only enter a name and last name and the person you’re looking for has a common name.

Get the Best Out of People Finders

Social Catfish free alternatives and other people search engines work similarly. All these tools scan the internet and public records to find information about individuals, though the intensity and scope vary between different sites.


Considering this, use as much information about the person as possible to refine the search results. This will help the tool find the person you’re looking for and compile everything you need to know about them fast.


If you plan on subscribing to Social Catfish or it doesn’t work for the person you want to learn more about, consider giving the free alternative we recommend,, a try. It can help you find information about someone you’ve just met without paying.

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