Want to Host an Event This Summer? Here are a Few Top Themes and Ideas

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Summer is already here, and most people can honestly say they’ve been waiting for it! After the past two summers, which were harrowing, to say the least, it’s nice to be able to plan something again without any worry and with the full knowledge that everyone is safe. Perhaps it is the reason why this is the summer that we’ve all been waiting for, and we can’t wait to make the most of it! But one thing’s for sure – the best way to welcome this summer and the new beginnings it has is to hold a summer party. Here are a few top ideas and themes if you want to host an event this summer and are at a loss for ideas on how to make it better than before.

  • A speakeasy 

We can all imagine the type of scene in a typical speakeasy in the 1920s – everything is all about glitz and glamour, and there’s a band with a bandleader dressed up to the nines! But, of course, prohibition never hit our shores (which is a good thing), so it’s the perfect time to bring the era to life. There are more speakeasies nowadays, perhaps brought on by a sense of nostalgia and a sense of exclusivity, so if you want to create your speakeasy event, you can do so by dressing servers and bartenders in suspenders and vests and going for the 1920s décor of leather armchairs and sofas and wooden décor combined with brick walls. But here’s one thing you can do that will delight all your guests – set up a boring ‘welcome’ room, and then once the guests enter, surprise them with the glitz and glamour in the main room. It’s a perfect setting for a speakeasy!

  • A fairground or carnival 

Granted, carnivals or fairgrounds have been around for a while, but there is something about this theme that never gets old. The best way to do it would be to rent a large outdoor tent, or even if you have to hold it indoors, make sure to spruce up the place with a lot of balloons, bright-colored bunting, and plenty of classic booths and side stalls that showcase games like hoopla and hook a duck, which a funfair hire company can easily get for you. But don’t forget the other carnival classics – from trapeze artists to face painters and magicians to photo booths, rides and games. Finally, it wouldn’t be complete without the fairground food, so don’t forget the popcorn, ice cream, hot dogs and candy floss!

  • An underwater kingdom

If you want your attendees to ooh and aah with delight, create your underwater kingdom (which, thankfully, doesn’t involve large volumes of water or fish!). You can pull it off with some blue lights placed strategically around your venue and place some white and blue decorations around the area. Props will do great, from starfish to seashells, and why not fill a corner of the room with sand and some beanbags? An awesome playlist will do the trick, and for food, you can serve some prawns on a stick and sushi.

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