What is dedicated development teamwork?

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Many companies today choose to work with a dedicated development team as this is a viable approach to software development. But what is this model and what is its feature?


This model expands a company’s division to include new software developers located in a lower-wage area. The term “dedicated” means that the development team is focused solely on the project and the client’s requests.


The DDT model is mainly used in two scenarios: to cover staff shortages or to deliver products as quickly as possible. There are situations when specialists do not have time to complete the project at all, so the dedicated software development team helps with this.


As mentioned, a dedicated development team associates a virtual team with a company to develop a software project. The team does not work at the client’s office, which reduces the cost of some services. Another advantage is that this model helps speed up the development of software projects as more people are employed.

Why is this model so necessary?


To speed things up


This option is ideal not only to get everything done on time but also to ensure that projects are ready even before the deadline.


To reduce costs


The cost of hiring a full-time developer in a country like the US or Western Europe is typically around $100,000-$200,000 per year. This is without taking into account other benefits and administrative costs. On the other hand, hiring a dedicated development team means you don’t have to think about internal costs.


This will help you get up quickly


Whether you want to streamline processes to meet deadlines or need extra hands on more projects, this model will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, and scale in the long run. This means that you can have your internal team working on the main project and hire a dedicated team for related projects.


You will have a lot of coverage


Another benefit of the model is that it gives your team more time to focus on their core projects and life processes. At the same time, under this model, you will also have another team working 8 hours a day for a total of 16 hours. This offers great coverage for multiple projects.


What are the steps to create a dedicated development team?


To work with this model in the best possible way, several steps must be taken into account:


1. Define requirements


The first thing to do is to determine the requirements and needs of the project. To be clear, you should talk to your tech stack, as they are closest to the project’s needs. Understand what specific specialists are needed and for what process.


2. Interview candidates


To establish a good relationship, you need to know a few details about the equipment supplier, such as corporate culture, philosophy, communication style, etc.


3. Start the equipment


Once you have a team, be sure to set up regular meetings to evaluate processes. It’s better to have small meetings detailing evolution than one wrap-up meeting because you can evaluate the process and correct mistakes in time.


Thus, you can hire more specialists and at the same time save money and complete the project faster. Therefore, this is a very convenient way of working.


Do not forget that it is very important to find trusted people who can take a responsible approach to work and complete all tasks with high quality. But in order not to miscalculate and immediately turn to specialists, we recommend contacting dedicated angular developers.

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