What to Look for When Hiring a Full-Time Nanny

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When it comes to hiring a full-time care provider for your child, nothing beats safety as a consideration. Therefore, your top candidates should undergo a background check. You’ll find all types of services available in this regard. If you decide to look up criminal records, you should only do so with the help of providers whose licenses and certifications have been confirmed.

Most parents look for a nanny through an agency. If you’re going to use the services of an agency, don’t be afraid to ask them about any important details you need to know. Furthermore, make sure they run background checks on their nannies. Screening care providers is mandatory when hiring outside an agency.

Establish Non-negotiables

Every parent has at least one non-negotiable. This might be first aid qualifications, experience with a child with special needs, a spotless driving record, or availability during work hours. You might also look at additional criteria as “nice to have.” These include a college degree, special certificates, or someone who knows the area where you live.

Ask for Recommendations

Resources from trusted friends and acquaintances are very helpful when searching for a full-time nanny. Therefore, you should make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for when you talk to them. Someone who did a good job for them might not work for you. Relatives and friends who’ve had a good experience with a nanny will help you decide whether she will take good care of your child.

If you want to use a friend or relative’s nanny, you will need to decide on the schedule. This person likely cannot work full time for both of you, but if everyone tries to make it work, nanny sharing is a good option.

Make a List of Requirements

Decide how many hours a day and days per week you’ll need the nanny’s services. Don’t forget to include extra hours on weekends or holidays and in the evening. Make sure the work schedule is as flexible as possible. Think about whether you’ll need her to come with you on family trips, whether at home or abroad. If so, you’ll need to cover their expenses related to travel and accommodation.

Then, look at the average payment for nannies in your area and make sure you attract the most qualified applicants by offering the best terms and rates.

Where to Look for a Full-time Nanny?

If you’re going to look at ads online, it might help to subscribe to a nanny database. These plans cost $25 a month on average. You could also look at a nanny site that’s popular in your area. One old-fashioned but effective approach is posting a job ad in the paper, especially if you’re looking for a local care provider.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Your background check should not be limited to looking at applicants’ resumes to see if they have the proper experience. In addition, you can contact their references to get more information about their job performance and ask if they would hire the person again. It’s important that your candidate of choice has a clean bill of health.

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