Will The Portable Steam Deck Become a Worthy Alternative to PCs or Consoles?

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The gaming world is rapidly expanding as technology continues to advance faster than ever before. Casino gaming action, for instance, has moved from exclusively taking place on land-based facilities to seamless internet-based entertainment on reputable websites like . Video gaming is getting better too. New gaming gadgets are released to process heavier graphics with more detail for true-to-life visuals and richer immersion. After the X-Box Series X, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch OLED Model, the next most anticipated gaming device is the Steam Deck.

So, what do we think about Valve’s much-hyped release of the portable Steam Deck? Will it live up to the hype and excitement it has elicited in the tech and gaming world? Well, that remains to be seen in February 2022 – the scheduled release date of the Steam Deck. Initially, the plan was to roll it out in December 2021. However, due to delays owing to material shortages and the uncertainty of shipping parts used in the manufacturing process, its release was pushed forward.

Owing to the buzz the Steam Deck has created so far, we delve into whether it will be a worthy alternative to gaming PCs or consoles today. Here we go!

Pricing and Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the Steam Deck is quite impressive for a portable gaming device. For instance, it will cost $399 to get the 64 GB version of the Steam Deck, $529 for the 256 GB version and finally, $649 for the 512 GB version. According to USA Today, the average storage space of most PCs ranges from 250 GB to 320 GB. This means that the storage space offered, especially if you go for the 512 GB version of the Steam Deck, should be more than enough for you. However, if you are not satisfied with the storage capacity, you will get the option to add more, as it does come with an SD card slot.

Battery Life

Valve has enjoyed a pretty good relationship with AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). AMD is a tech giant known for developing computer processors and related technologies for many tech businesses that require their technologies. The good relationship between AMD and Valve has led to a partnership that has seen AMD power the Steam Deck. AMD will utilize a chip known as Aerith SOC that will enable you to enjoy your gaming experience for periods of up to 8 hours. The battery is a Zen 2+ RDNA2 powerhouse.

Most gaming PCs can go 1 to 5 hours uncharged with average battery performance. This is thus sufficient evidence that the Steam Deck is a worthy alternative to a gaming PC when it comes to battery life.

User Experience and Versatility

Valve says that it considered the needs of its users when coming up with the Steam Deck. Some of the device’s features that support this statement include:

  • There is a keen emphasis on comfort – The thumb sticks of the Steam Decks are fitted with inbuilt sensors that are meant to enhance your comfort experience while gaming.
  • It is meant to be flexible and easy to carry around. Its relatively small size makes it a good option for gamers as they can bring it anywhere they may want to with relative ease.
  • Want to use it on a bigger screen? Steam Deck offers you the chance to connect to peripherals. It is docked with an output cable that you may decide to connect to a monitor or a Television. The dock allows you to connect to devices using type C cables.
  • It can run on any OS, including the latest Windows 11, a feature that makes it quite impressive.
  • It is a multipurpose PC – Steam Deck is a powerful gaming PC but is much more than just a gaming PC. It allows you to carry out the functionalities you’d typically associate with a standard PC. For example, you can write emails, browse the web and also stream video games, among many other functions.
  • Availability of two trackpads – Some games don’t go well with a gamepad. Therefore, the availability of two trackpads will be vital when it comes to offering the best user experience. This feature will allow you to navigate such games with relative ease.

Steam Deck Availability

Upon release, the Steam Deck will only be available on Steam. There are, however, plans to make it available to other retailers in the future. Initially, it will be available in the United States, Canada, The European Union and The United Kingdom, but it will be rolled out to other regions later in 2022.

A Worthy Alternative to Gaming PCs and Consoles

Steam Deck definitely has enough features to stand out as a worthy alternative to your average gaming PCs or Consoles. As evidenced by the features we have pointed out here, it will be pretty interesting to see whether these features work well once released. So, for now, we just have to sit patiently and wait until the device is officially released. All eyes are on February 2022!

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