10 Best Boss Day Gift Ideas

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boss day gift ideas

Boss Day is a professional holiday for leaders and chief executive officers of all levels, that is celebrated annually, on October 16. Traditionally on this day, employees thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year. Boss Day is dedicated to all employers and provides an opportunity to improve communication between employers and their staff. Therefore, choosing a nice gift for your chief can build bridges and set an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Here are ten Boss Day gift ideas on how you can express your gratitude on this day.


If your boss smokes, giving them a brand lighter and a set of good cigars may be a nice idea. Additionally, a cigar humidor or a cigar guillotine will be appropriate. However, before visiting thematic shops, you can study the Winn-Dixie weekly ad on Rabato platform and check if there is an appropriate solution on sales.

bss day gift ideas

A Good Book

If your boss likes reading and decorate their coffee table, and they are happy to share her impressions with employees, present them a book of a famous author, an exclusive edition of her favorite novel, or a photography book. Biographies of great leaders, publications about power, and management may be an excellent solution.

Brand Stationery

Do not forget that the main task of any top-level executive is clerical work, therefore, branded exclusive pens and desk sets for the manager are hitting the target.


The job of a leader is hard and exhausting. Sometimes you just need to get distracted from current affairs. Playing darts will brighten up your working day and serve as a good exercise. During the lunch break, you can even arrange a tournament with colleagues.

Entertaining Goods

Thematic wall calendars, paintings, globes bars are a great gift for a boss who pays special attention to the interior of his office.  By the way, you can present him something with a hint. For example, if they are a workaholic — chess or mini-golf will be mini-simulators for rest in the workplace.

Fitness Tracker

It is not only a practical assistant that allows you to keep track of your steps and analyze the heart rate throughout the day but also a fashion accessory. Modern fitness trackers look like stylish watches, so this will be a nice accessory for everyday life.


If your chef appreciates good expensive wine, present them a bottle of exclusive Merlot produced in a small private valley. It would be nice to arrange it with Belgium chocolate or Italian cheese. By the way, sometimes, you can buy excellent wines at Safeway on sales.

Something Vintage

A large antique tray, a beautiful ceramic set for several persons, and a vintage telephone straight from the past — are quite original gifts for a female boss. Such a gift is ideal for a leader who loves and respects antiques. A great item for the collection!

boss day gift ideas

Coffee Machine

Perhaps your boss is a real coffee geek? For a natural coffee lover, they may be happy to get a good coffee machine. If this option seems to be very expensive, a French press for coffee or a set of different elite varieties of beans — is a nice solution. The same applies to tea lovers.

Gift Certificate

Find out if your boss enjoys outdoor activities. If yes, they will definitely love any adventure gift! Are they a fan of extreme sports? Present a certificate for a parachute jump! A romantic person can be presented with a hot air balloon flight. In this regard, the choice is unlimited.

What Gifts Are Better to Avoid?

There is a category of gifts that can greatly affect your authority in the company. They do not need to be presented to either a man or a woman:

  • Jewelry. A gift from a leader shouldn’t be too expensive. You can present jewelry to your family members or close people.
  • Money. Giving money is trivial. Moreover, the position of a chief is often occupied by wealthy people who do not need this.
  • Clothing. Almost no one likes to receive clothes as a gift. Even your family members are unlikely to appreciate this approach.
  • Perfume. This is a very individual thing. Even if you choose the most expensive perfume, your chief is unlikely to appreciate it.
  • Personal items. Hygiene items, underwear, and things with an intimate connotation are better to exclude from the list of possible gifts.
  • Religious gifts. Everyone has their own views on religion.

If you have a friendly team, and your boss has a nice sense of humor, you can come up with a funny gift. Choose something thoughtful for your boss’ birthday for some extra points. Good luck with your Boss Day gift ideas!

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