Andco Takes Fresh Approach to the Workplace

by Ted Christodulidis
Silverman Andco

Curated & Dynamic

Andco, a remarkable concept by Silverman, opened its doors three months ago just steps from the historic Jersey City city hall. Aiming to revolutionize the age-old workplace culture, Andco provides a curated and dynamic agenda to consolidate entertainment, art, and business, further shaping a new perspective on the concept of “the workplace” we’ve all become accustomed to. Since opening, Andco has already welcomed an array of members: a renewable energy company, a casting director, an engineering firm, a small hedge fund, a slew of freelance editors and lawyers, and even a financial planning company can all be found working under the same roof.

The Andco Concept

The brainchild of company founder Eric Silverman, Andco resides on the second floor of the Charles & Co. building. At the core, Andco is a membership-based program that is attracting  community members by putting forth a novel approach to open and collaborative workplaces, offering a large event area, multiple conference rooms, a full-service bar, a full-sized sundeck, a meditation room, and 22 individual private offices. If the sundeck and bar don’t suffice, Andco also regularly hosts a variety of events: cash-prized hack-a-thons, happy hours, film screenings, or just plain community meet-ups. Silverman also teamed up with local up-and-coming designer, Rebecca Johnson, in order to create an overall vibe within the flow of the space. Johnson managed to create a balance in the 20,000-square-foot window-lit area by utilizing a mixture of classic design and modern furnishings with a touch of vintage; think upcycled x-ray machines saved from Silverman’s St. Francis redevelopment that now proudly displays pieces of art and a living green wall.

Silverman Andco

Upcycled x-ray machines

Connect, Create, Culminate

Upon first learning of the extent of properties Eric, accompanied by his brother and business partner, Paul, have restored, built, and developed in Jersey City, along with the impressive amount of business they’ve attracted into Hudson county, their master plan quickly became evident: to reinvest in the swelling creative community in and around Jersey City. By providing the necessary foundations required to manage and operate a business, Andco is an opportunity for the community to come together, create a network of productive talent, and simply make things happen.

About the Author/s

Graduating with a B.S. in International Business from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Ted spends most of his time with his head in the clouds pondering his next destination. Besides that, he can usually be found skating around New York City, or, during the winter, hitting sweet jumps on the mountain.

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