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It’s no secret that moving can be stressful. Between finding a place to live, packing, and of course the dreaded move itself, the scope of everything can be quite overwhelming. Finding a mover can prove to be equally challenging. So where do you begin? Google searches, Yelp reviews, or anything else online is usually the beginning of any good search. After weeks of rigorous searching, I came across FlatRate Moving. In addition to an abundance of positive online reviews, they had been in business long enough to make me feel comfortable. And as someone who moves year after year, these are the two things I look for.

Flat Rate MoversThe Set Up

Getting set up for my move was painless. A survey was done over the phone which made the process that much easier. I was then given a price which I was blown away by! Not only did FlatRate Moving have the most experience of anyone I found on the internet, but their rates were more aggressive than most other movers in the area.

The Move
The day of the move arrived. When my movers arrived promptly at 8 a.m., I immediately felt a sense of professionalism that I had not felt with previous moves. I just knew that the FlatRate Moving team was more than capable of providing me with amazing service. I was completely relaxed the entire time which, as many of us know, is not traditional during the day of any move.Moving Boxes in Empty Room with Shelf Design Drawing on the Wall.
Final Thoughts

When it was all said and done, there was not a scratch on the wall nor a chip on my furniture. I couldn’t have been happier with how quickly and efficient the move went. The team even spent time helping me set up things that I normally would have done on my own. In fact, my apartment was set up and looking like home in just a few hours.

Considering I move just about every year, it looks like I’ve found myself a go to moving company. FlatRate Moving, was by far the best moving company I had ever experienced. I would certainly recommend them to anyone getting ready to move in the area. And rest assured, if you live on the third floor with five sets of stairs like I do, they have you covered!
*This is an unbiased review and was not paid for by FlatRate Moving

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