Healthiest Options for Pet Food — Canis Minor

by Michael Scivoli

Healthiest Options for Pet Food — Are Your Pets Getting What They Need?

Just as I’m constantly looking for ways to better my own diet and health, it’s also a priority that I do the same for my pets. My Chihuahua and both of my cats aren’t showing any signs that they are tiring of eating, so I try to stay informed about what I feed them. I’ve always known that some brands of cat/dog food were better than others, but after visiting Darryl Ng, owner of Canis Minor in Jersey City, I learned that there was a lot more to it than just that.

Darryl helped me understand that cats and dogs in the wild eat a diet of 80% protein and fats, while most of today’s dry pet food is composed of about 80% carbohydrates. What’s even more shocking, is that commercial dry pet foods are among some of the most highly processed products out there. This means that the same pet food is being put through high-temperature sanitation processes that kill vital vitamins and enzymes that your four-legged friend needs (processed food also requires chemical flavoring). What can you do about this? Darryl introduced me to the concept of feeding raw: Packaged raw pet foods are packed with nutrients and they’re designed to make sure your pet has a natural diet that can improve their health and life expectancy.

After spending about an hour in Darryl’s store talking to him and browsing around, I seriously began to rethink what I’m currently feeding my cats and dog. Aside from having the healthiest options for pet food, Canis Minor also has the most extensive collection of products for cats and dogs in the area (they also offer grooming and daycare for small dogs). Canis Minor is located in the Newport area of Jersey City next to the Newport Animal Hospital at 31 River Drive.

For more information visit Canis Minor.

For a 10% off coupon text Canis1 to 87804.

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