LIVE. LOVE. DANCE. A Children’s Charity


Jonathan Lopez was a DJ for over 13 years before making a discovery that would change his life forever. While touring the world, Lopez was able to see both the good sides, and the bad sides of each community he visited. Realizing that much of the world and its children are abused, neglected, or in poverty, Lopez created LIVE.LOVE.DANCE with the sole purpose of helping the underprivileged.

LIVE.LOVE.DANCE is a charitable organization that accepts donations and sells merchandise in order to give to children that are in poverty, abused, seriously ill, or uneducated. Lopez, in his truck which has been transformed into a mobile store, frequents Washington Street in Hoboken in order raise profits (1oo% goes to charity) and spread the word of LIVE.LOVE. DANCE. Check their website to donate, sponsor, or see where they will be next.

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