Daniel, Katie, and Other Names Most Likely to Ghost You

by Grace Shaver
names most likely to ghost you

A term that’s become all too popular in this digital dating day-and-age is ghosting. But who is most likely to ghost you? A recent survey of 2000 participants collected the names of notorious ghosters so you can know who to avoid or just be aware of what you might be getting yourself into.

Ghosting is that awful moment when someone you’ve been talking to, maybe even seeing casually, stops returning your calls. Your “Hey, how are you?” text is left on read and unanswered. Suddenly you’re wondering where you’ve gone wrong, or what you could have done to salvage your blossoming relationship.

Turns out, a ghosting snafu may not have been your fault. The September 2020 survey decided that people with certain names and professions are more likely to ghost you than others. Although spooky season is over, beware of Isabellas and Daniels, because apparently, they’re most likely to ghost you.

 Names Most Likely to Ghost You in 2020


  1. Daniel
  2. Matthew
  3. Jack
  4. George
  5. Thomas


  1. Isabella
  2. Lily
  3. Mia
  4. Lauren
  5. Katie

 You might be curious and want to give these people a chance, and I admire you for your confidence, but I’ll definitely be steering clear. I’ll head toward Emily’s or Harry’s, who are apparently safer options. They’re least likely to desert you mid-conversation, or worse—mid relationship. (I’m sold… Harry Styles here I come!) The survey also found that emergency responders are most likely to leave you ghosted, which makes sense, as they often have hectic schedules.

 Professions Most Likely to Ghost You in 2020

  1. Emergency Services
  2. Lawyer
  3. Media / PR / Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. HR / Recruitment

People are busy with work and their day to day lives, and sometimes they can’t carry a relationship forward. But why not just let someone know that you don’t see a sustainable future ahead? Unfortunately, the survey didn’t provide any answers on that front. Perhaps for some, it’s an inability to express how they feel or a desire to avoid confrontation. Either way, most people can agree that being ghosted isn’t fun.

So for now, maybe avoid Isabellas and Daniels and try not to ghost anyone yourself. The list of names for people who are most likely to ghost is not a list you want to aim for!

Have you ever been ghosted by someone? Or have you ever ghosted someone yourself? We’d love to hear about your ghosting experiences in the comments below.


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