Top Five Wedding Proposals

by Lauren Scrudato

Every man or woman who has been proposed to probably thinks they experienced the cutest proposal in the world (as long as they said yes). But these top five wedding proposals are tough to top.

Amped Up Backyard Proposal
I’m a sucker for hand written love letters and capturing candid moments of a relationship through photographs, so this idea was right up my alley. After Charlene’s kid cousin nearly ruined the surprise, fiance Johan still managed to pull off a picturesque proposal scene right in his parent’s backyard. Along the back of the house, elegant lighting illuminated photographs, notes, date-night receipts and other mementos from their relationship. After spending nearly a half hour crying and reminiscing, Charlene sat on a leather couch in the grass as Johan dropped to his knee.
Read the full story here.

White House Wow Moment
This proposal wasn’t only extremely sentimental for the couple, but it was also history making. An active duty U.S. Marine Corps captain took his partner to the White House, where they had their first date for the LGBT Pride Month Reception six months earlier. A photo of Captain Matthew Phelps proposing to his partner Ben Shock went viral and received over 2,000 likes on social media.
See the photo and full story here.

Flight Malfunction
Some women may have slapped their boyfriends for this maneuver, but I found it hilarious and clever. Not to mention, it also made news headlines. Pilot Ryan Thompson took his girl Carlie Kennedy thousands of feet above Chicago for a romantic flight. But while in the air, Thompson asked Kennedy to stay calm and read the emergency procedure checklist, claiming the controls were malfunctioning. As thoughts of imminent death were flying through her head, Thompson pulled out the checklist to find that the first line read, “determine if he is a good mate.” Thompson received some backlash from those who thought the proposal prank was cruel, but Kennedy loved it, which is all that matters.
Watch the proposal prank video here.

Stay Tuned For Upcoming Attraction
An oldie, but a goodie, this proposal may go down as the most elaborate surprise ever. Matt Still created a movie trailer of he and his girlfriend Ginny’s relationship and the process of getting approval from Ginny’s parents. Ginny watched in awe as Still’s video built up to the big moment as he entered the theater. Still and Ginny were featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show, CNN, The Today Show and Good Morning America.
Watch this movie preview proposal here.

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt
I typically don’t easily get choked up over these types of things, but this very well thought out, day-long proposal had my eyes watering. Boyfriend John set up a limo service and a trail of clues for girlfriend Megan to follow. At each stop, Megan was surprised by a family member or friend who held the clue to the next destination. After ten hours of gallivanting through her hometown, Megan finally met John at the last stop and they were officially engaged. You’ll be amazed by the attention to detail and high level of adorableness involved in this proposal story.
Read about the whole hunt for her hubby here.
Have any other top contender proposals you think everyone should know about? Let us know!

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