New York’s Chip City is Coming to Hoboken

by Natalie Tsur
Chip City Cookies Hoboken

New York’s Chip City is broadening its reach with its first Garden State location in Hoboken, NJ. The gourmet cookie shop has amassed over 150,000 Instagram followers over the course of three years, driving traffic to their stores. Though the opening date is yet to be announced, the business will be placed next to soon-to-be Shake Shack on Washington Street.

The franchise has made its mark at six total locations in New York. Launched in Astoria, Queens July 2017, Chip City has expanded to other areas since, including Ditmars, Long Island City, West Village, and most recently, Sunnyside and Williamsburg. 

The avant-garde nature of the cookie shop is best exemplified through its roots, as two childhood friends sought to create a flavor reminiscent of their youth. This lighthearted challenge turned into an obsession, soon molding a business idea.  

Still, this experimental atmosphere shines through the actual products. “Chip City provides its loyal consumers with large, gooey, delicious cookies that we spend countless hours developing,” their website notes. “Warm and fresh out of the oven, right into the hearts of our customers.”

What’s on the menu?

Chip City’s diverse selection of cookie flavors alternates each week with over 30 varieties total and four per day, each baked to a thick and soft perfection. This detail has piqued customer interest, reeling in excitement for the newest location announcement.

Most noteworthy, Chip City has a revolving list of seasonal flavors on top of their fan-favorite classics. In February, the cookie connoisseurs listed “Hot Cocoa Fudge Cookie,” “XOXO Funfetti,” “Strawberries & Cream” and “Red Velvet Cream Cheese” as part of the Valentine’s Day package. The seasonal specialties also included a new selection of drink choices: “Strawberries N’ Cream Hot Chocolate,” “Espresso Strawberries N’ Cream” and “Red Velvet Hot Chocolate.”

In an effort to broaden their demographic, the shop has also taken note of possible dietary restrictions their customers may follow. They announced the release of a new vegan-friendly chocolate chip flavor on Dec. 16, claiming that “fans have told us that this cookie is even better than our normal chocolate chip flavor and clamoring for more vegan versions of our flavors” in a blog post.

The company does not shy away from informing their consumers of the flavor-making process, arguably Chip City’s most distinct quality and notably the “brainchild” of Executive Chef Andrea Prunella. On Jan. 22, they clarified that taste is entirely dependent on invoking nostalgia, which is tested by their staff and has been deemed successful by a panel of critics. However, they consider their customers’ feedback the most useful response. 

How can I get Chip City cookies in New Jersey?

Chip City currently offers online ordering for pickup and delivery, or on Uber Eats and GrubHub. All shipped cookies are frozen in specially-designed packaging, heavy with dry ice. The order is accompanied by a set of instructions for carefully disposing of the ice and storing the items, giving customers in any participating state the Chip City experience, especially if they’re waiting for the Hoboken store to open. 

Are you excited about the opening of Chip City in Hoboken? Let us know in the comments below.

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