Feast Fit For A Saint: St. Ann’s Annual Italian Festival

by Kelly Edgeworth
St. Ann's Festival

One of the highlights of the summer season are the evenings spent strolling through the tents at street festivals with loved ones by your side. The laughter of families and friends alike are complemented by the smells of local food vendors, and music from homegrown cover bands floating through the air, creating a real-life soundtrack for your favourite summer memories. But for some, these types of events don’t come around often and before you know it, the summer is over and you’ve missed your chance.

Luckily for the people of Hudson County, those prayers have been answered by none other than a saint herself. St. Ann’s Annual Italian Festival will be taking place on Saturday, July 22nd through Wednesday, July 26th. The four days of the festival will be packed with entertainment for all ages. You and your family can decide who of the many local pizzeria’s lives up to the hype of the “Best Pizza in Hoboken” contest. Each night’s entertainment is characterised by a different theme, those themes being a disco tribute, the Lords of 52nd Street (a tribute to Billy Joel), Latin night, Motown night, and lastly Italian night. Patrons can taste the many Italian delicacies prepared by volunteer members of the church at the cafe under the stars located in St. Ann’s parking lot. Shining stars are also available to purchase at the cafe in memory of a loved one.

The church is so happy to be able to continue this tradition in such a celebratory fashion and would love for you to come while you can. Hardworking volunteers are also needed to keep the event going before, during and after the festival. You can find more information about volunteering and the festival in general by checking out the St. Ann’s Church’s Facebook page.

The ultimate purpose of the festival is to celebrate St. Ann’s longevity in Hoboken, its value of community and bringing people together throughout its rich history. And through this festival, they hope to provide the people of Hoboken with a heartwarming sense of togetherness and connection to their fellow neighbour.

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