By George I’ve Got It! The Truth About Your Dating Mistake.

By George I’ve Got It!

Do you have a friend who has a significant other who is just a TERRIBLE person, yet stays in the relationship without question?  Or, are you one of those victims yourself? Well, FINALLY there is a completely logical reason as to why!  Look at image below. Can you catch the mistake?


We couldn’t at first either. The reason for this is that our brains are the “original auto-correctors.” Kathryn Shulz explains in her book, Being Wrong, a meditation of human error of all kinds,  that we unconsciously alter our everyday sensory messages. She further explains that in our daily lives, this function actually has a beneficial purpose. For instance, we all have a “blind spot” in our vision but we don’t see it because our brain automatically corrects it.

So where is the connection? According to science, it’s only natural to have a dating blip. So while you’re dating an overly aggressive jealous boyfriend, your brain alters him into being a  passionate and caring person.

There you go! Date that loser for 2 years because you just can’t beat science!

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