Liquid Courage- Oh, Those Thursday Drinks!

This “Thirsty Thursday” take the time acknowledge why we have now dubbed this day, “Throwback Thursday”. No, we are not interested in your baby or over-posed dinner pictures. We want to see the pics that make us proud of all those Fireball shots you took. The ideal picture captures all the things you THINK you can do.

Here’s a little lesson from the ladies of Bridesmaids:


Be inspirational- I can’t tell what was more impressive, you’re ability to take slurred gibberish to a new level  or the fact that you are still standing.


Be Funny– When it’s silent until you actually face-plant, you are technically not funny.


Talk Politics– Just don’t. You know better.


Become overly confident- We get it. Alcohol makes you believe you can seduce anybody you want. Go for it! It’ll be great to watch.


If successful…


Over-Compliment- Tequila = experimentation, right?


 Are invincible- You absolutely are not. We can’t stress this enough. Call a cab or a friend…any kind of friend 😉



REMINDER: Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. So tonight, keep those smart phones handy, drink one-to-many, have a ton of fun, and hashtag us! #the_digest



photo credits Tumblr.com