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Adult Snow Day: How To Have Fun Again

by Lauren Scrudato

Snow days as a kid were probably some of the best memories of our adolescence. But an adult snow day includes shoveling the sidewalk and scraping off your car. Here’s a few activities to have a fun and enjoyable adult snow day:

Let your breakfast represent the weather.

Pinterest is the epicenter of cute food ideas like the one below. Disregard the old rule of being told not to play with your food and get in the winter spirit while you eat your breakfast.

Winter Drinking Games.

One of the few ways adults get to have more fun than kids is by legally consuming alcohol.

One-up your kid neighbor’s snow fort by building a beer pong table out of snow. I recommend buying orange ping pong balls for this, though.


Spa Day.

Get a few ladies together and have an at-home spa day. This eliminates the dangers of driving and will save you a ton of money. Light some candles and incense, put on soothing music and test out some do-it-yourself remedy options for face masks, lotions, or hair care products.


Cooking experiments.
As a child on a snow day, you may have conducted a few science experiments in your kitchen out of boredom. The adult snow day version of this idea can be done through cooking. Create a new recipe by utilizing whatever you have in your fridge.

If you’re failing to enjoy this winter wonderland the northeast offers, go online and search tropical destinations and mentally visit a few of them. Or if you earned a good Christmas bonus, why not actually book it?

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