Bareburger in the Digest Lunchbox

by Victoria Keenan

Bareburger in the Digest Lunchbox


Let’s face it, everyone loves a good burger. Whether you’re a full on carnivore or prefer a patty made of veggies, nothing beats great ingredients between two buns. But many places don’t offer something for everyone, and it’s hard to find a great burger that doesn’t make you want to lay down and take a nap afterwards. That’s where Bareburger comes in, and the Digest was lucky enough to dive into our lunchbox for some healthy, tasty burgers this week.

Bareburger in the Digest Lunchbox

Bareburger is an all natural, organic burger franchise that first opened in Astoria, Queens in June 2009. They pride themselves on only using the freshest ingredients, from vegetables and fruits to the highest quality of lean meats. The meat is all free range, pasture raised, antibiotic, hormone, and gluten-free. The other ingredients are also GMO and pesticide free, creating a menu that you can feel good about eating. Now, with locations everywhere from NYC to Toronto, and even Japan, Hoboken is lucky to have its own little share of Bareburger.

Bareburger in the Digest Lunchbox

The Digest got a chance to taste some of Bareburgers best, including The Standard burger, full of beef, colby cheese, stout onions, dill pickles and their special sauce on a warm brioche bun. The County Fair was a different take on the traditional burger, with bison meat, aged cheddar, dill pickles, tomatoes, red onions, mayo and green leaf, also on a brioche bun. For the veggie lovers was the Guadalupe, made up of a black bean burger, tomatoes, pickled red onions, alfalfa, and guac on a sprout bun. On the side were Bareburgers delicious hand cut fries and crispy onion rings.

Bareburger in the Digest LunchboxProving Bareburger has some tricks up their sleeves, they also served up salads and wraps. The Guapo Chop salad includes romaine lettuce, queso fresco cheese, guacamole, pickled red onion, pickled jalapenos, tortilla chips, spicy pico de gallo, and an avocado basil dressing, while the Cali Fresh salad was loaded with baby kale, green hummus, grape tomatoes, watermelon radish, red quinoa, alfalfa, red onions, and a lemon tahini dressing. For the wrap we had the Farmstead, wrapped up in collard greens and stuffed with sweet potato, wild rice, tomatoes, baby kale, green hummus and avocado basil dressing.


Not only are all Bareburger options healthy, they are also delicious, and we could taste the difference in quality compared to the typical fast food burgers. Though we cleared the table, we definitely didn’t feel guilty, we didn’t have to! Thank you Bareburger, we will see you again soon.

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