Best Idea We’ve Seen All Week: WestJet Airlines Surprises Passengers With Gifts

by Lauren Scrudato

During this time of year airports are a dreaded yet necessary destination for people all across the country who pay double the normal ticket price to fly to see their families for the holidays.

But Canadian airline WestJet changed that attitude when it recently surprised hundreds of its passengers with their dream gift for the holidays. Travelers told a digital Santa what they wanted most for Christmas through a display set up at a terminal while they waited to board a flight to WestJet’s home airport in Calgary.

To the travelers’ surprise, Santa and his WestJet elves raced around town to ensure they had each and every gift ready before the flight landed in Calgary.

A video shows the heartwarming deed step by step and the awestruck reactions as beautifully wrapped presents, like a big screen television, a Samsung Galaxy and a snowboard circled the luggage carousel.


Watch the video here.

We loved this idea so much for two reasons: it is a great marketing strategy, and it embraces what the holidays are all about. WestJet has no doubt gotten major brownie points not only with the hundreds of passengers it surprised, but also with the thousands who have seen the video. Everyone loves a company that is willing to go through that much effort to make its customers happy.

During the holidays, everyone also loves to share stories of goodwill, such as this one. What’s better than making people smile while gaining thousands of potential new customers through your good deed?

Job well done, WestJet.

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