Boost Your Social Media Presence Using Pictures

by Michael Scivoli

Boost Your Social Media Presence Using Pictures

As children, picture books helped us understand character and narrative at a very basic, instinctive level. In kindergarten, I couldn’t bear the sight of a book without pictures, and perhaps it was the same for many of us as youngsters. In many cases, we could understand the complexity of a story without reading the actual language. The same instinctual connections can be made with using pictures in social media to increase visitors, clicks and interactions. Fast Company’s Co. Design and Buffer shed some major light on the subject by showing us how images can boost your social media presence (and how we can do it, better).


Beth Cooper, a content contributor from Buffer, and her team did a little experiment on their Twitter account. They found that Twitter updates with images received more clicks, Retweets and Favorite clicks than those without.


The graph above shows that Tweets with images received 150% more Retweets than their less flamboyant counterparts. Food for thought.


So if you’re a small business or local talent looking to score some more social media buzz, it’s time to take a page from yesteryear and think of the “big picture.” Even on our Facebook page, we pair images with our blog post links, which has brought us more website traffic. Dare I say Beth has a point?


In her recent post, Beth irons out some of the tools that make creating images for your social media posts a bit simpler. For instance, she notes that tools such a PicMonkey are a great, free weapon to have in your arsenal when it comes to making collages or backgrounds. Or turn a simple quote into a masterpiece using Recite, a tool that can be used to turn any phrase into an image.


For more tips and tools, check out Beth’s full post here.

Graph from BufferApp

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