Classic Adventure Movies To Inspire You

by Lauren Scrudato

This week’s beautiful weather is replenishing my need for vitamin D and bringing out my adventurous side. Hopefully you all got a chance to spend some time outside these past few days, but how do you keep your spirits up when the sun goes down? Here are a few classic adventure movies to help you out:

Stand By Me

Though its set in 1959 across the country in Oregon, Stand By Me reopens the inner adventure and innocence of any guy, no matter their age. This movie sings to the unbreakable bond of any group of childhood guy friends and their thirst to find trouble.

Into The Wild

Chris McCandless took a lot of grief both before and after his death for being so ambitious yet ill-prepared for the Alaskan wilderness. But this is one of my favorite movies just because his raw spirit and love for nature is something seldom seen. You may burn your money and ditch your car in the desert after watching this flick.


How could you not be inspired by true love, a grumpy old man, a house that can travel by balloon, and an adorably naive boy scout? This movie inspired me to make my own Adventure Book. Thanks, Pixar.

Jurassic Park

This one’s a given. It doesn’t get much more adventurous than being thrown back in time to the dino age where you suddenly feel small and helpless. Watch your back during your bathroom break though.

All Indiana Jones movies.

Indiana Jones woke up ready for danger and adventure everyday. It doesn’t matter which movie you pick, but be sure that the guy you’re watching it with doesn’t decide to start dressing in safari gear and looking online for lassos. That may be a bit much.


One of my childhood favorites. Robin Williams shows that no matter how old you get, your youthful spirit doesn’t have to fade with age.

A Bug’s Life

An often overlooked Pixar film, A Bug’s Life gives a different perspective of the idea of adventure. Adventure for bugs and insects is just a matter of surviving the day and coming up with creative ways to protect themselves. This movie may make you look at the ground a little more carefully as you explore.

Big Fish
The epitome of imagination and blurring the lines of reality and fiction, Big Fish reminds us to never take life too seriously. If you haven’t been able to get outside the last few days because of work, this movie will convince you to lighten up and take a break.

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