Consequences of TV Binge-Watching

by Lauren Scrudato

TV Binge-watching: As much as we hate to admit it, we’ve all been there. And if you’re one of the few saying, “No I haven’t!” you probably don’t have a Netflix account. The more you watch, the deeper into your binge-watching addiction you get. We’ve covered the trend itself before, but now its time to be upfront about the stages and consequences of TV binge-watching:

The honeymoon stage.

You sit down on the couch with your favorite blanket, a glass of wine, and a few munchies, ready and focused to watch what you think will just be the first few episodes of your chosen TV series. For months now you’ve heard so much hype about the show, and you feel a little anxious, wondering if you’ll be disappointed that everyone talked it up just a bit too much. But you still dive right in, and after those few episodes you’re infatuated with the characters and the direction the plot is headed. You’re hooked, loving it, and can’t get enough.

The night owl stage.
Before you know it, the neon lights of the clock read 3 a.m., your eyes are bloodshot, all your chip bags are empty, and you’ve watched the entire first season. You’re startled by how fast your addiction hit, but within a few days you’ve accepted that your sleeping schedule is now nonexistent.

The homebody stage.
Suddenly your weekends that used to consist of letting loose and socializing have been replaced by your couch and TV screen. You rationalize your behavior by saying weekends are the best time to do some serious binging because you’re not preoccupied with things like work or school. Meanwhile, the couch cushion you’ve been sitting on has molded around your body.

Lack of a wardrobe stage.

Why be bothered with wearing jeans and having to do loads of laundry when you can be comfortable in your sweats during your binge sessions?

“Hi I’d like to place an order for delivery” stage.

Grocery shopping and cooking dinner takes precious time away from your beloved show. To solve this you simply order delivery more often — so often, the delivery guy may have memorized your name and address.

The aftermath.
The characters that have nurtured your addiction for a few weeks now suddenly disappear in one swoop. The series finale leaves you feeling empty and a bit lost. “Now what do I do?” You ask yourself.

TV binge-watching is like a dramatic relationship–filled with ups and downs. Once its over you realize how all-consumed you were and how unhealthy you’ve become. Though you’re sad it's over, you’re looking forward to being a social human being again, if only so you can be included in the conversations about the show with friends, co-workers, or anyone who mentions the title.

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