Drinkable Arts: Paint, Glassware and Togetherness

by Sebastian Krawiec
Drinkable Arts

Drinkable Arts Home Paint Parties give you the tools to throw a fun, crafty event for your friends and family members. Artsy and practical, Drinkable Arts is pretty much what it sounds like: making art out the things we drink from. Pick a glass type — stem, stemless, pint, martini, or a coffee mug — pick your paints, pick your design, and then get to work.

We threw a Drinkable Arts party at the Digest office and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Helped along creatively by beer and pizza, we quickly took to the taDrinkable Artssk, applying our artistic visions to the drinking receptacles of our choice. I’ve found that painting together, whether on canvas or on a wine glass, creates a fun and engaging environment where people support one another. We offer advice, compliments, and, of course, some good-natured ribbing. What also made our party a pleasure was our Drinkable Arts representative Selena Harrison ([email protected]), who was really enthusiastic and dedicated. She uses her passion for art to give other people the opportunity to create their own. We were given a lot of freedom, but she was a great help in guiding us with proper techniques for painting certain items, such as using the tip of the handle to make fine dots or overcoming obstacles associated with painting on a rounded surface.

Drinkable Arts

In action

Anyone can throw a Drinkable Arts party, for any occasion, so long you have a group of eight or more guests (kids or adults). A representative will come to your home with all the materials (paints and glassware), as well as provide guidance for you and your guests. There are many design options to choose from, each with suggested color palettes, but feel free to mix it up and do your own thing if that’s what you prefer. Even if you’re not particularly confident in your artistic abilities, once you get into the groove, Drinkable Arts is a fun way to spend time with your favorite people, enjoying the company, the conversation, and the creativity. Once you’re done, not only do you leave with a piece of personal art but also something useful in your daily life. Keep it, or gift it to someone else.

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