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Fiore’s Deli in Hoboken Knows Mutz

by Bree Barr

fiore1Fiore’s: Mozzarella Masters

My new favorite place, Fiore’s Deli, located right in Hoboken, has completely changed my idea of what fresh, savory mozzarella should taste like. Coming from North Florida, I now see that I have been deprived of this, and I can’t resist. I tried Fiore’s mozzarella for the first time two weeks ago and instantly fell in love. Handmade with fresh ingredients, patience, and a lot of care, their mutz is rich, creamy and one-of-a-kind. Not only do they make bomb mozzarella, but their cold cut and hot sandwiches — like their signature roast beef — are also delicious.

I’ve heard there’s big mozzarella competition in Hoboken. What’s your favorite? Tell us below!

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