7 Foods We’ll Never Grow Out Of!


There’s A Hungry Child In All Of Us!

It seems as though we grow older, we still can’t get enough of :

Grilled Cheese


Just a small scent of this tasty melt lures you in.

                                                                          Available at Victor Bar


Happy Face Pancakes


“Life is worth all the while if you just smile”  (with fruits and whipped cream, of course)

Available at Stacks


Mac and Cheese


You may call me Chef Crafty and I introduce to you my signature dish.

   Available at The Brass Rail


Chicken Tenders


With a Chix Chix here and a Chx Chx there, how you could you resist this anywhere?

  Available at Willie McBrides




“There is always room for Jello!” Now, we’ve become more creative with the use of this bouncy goodness.

    Available next to your vodka rack





Makes us miss those lunchboxes.

   Available in all local shops.


French Fries


Last, but certainly not least, the King of them all… Le’ French Fry.

Can be seen ruling the town.

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Lauren August 21, 2013 - 1:37 pm

I vote for string cheese! I’ll never be too old for that!


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