The Digest Football Guide: How to Fake it ‘Till You Make it


The Digest Playbook:

1. Terminology: Here are some key words I live by:

Punt- A kick made when the punter drops the ball and kicks it while it falls toward his foot.

Field Goal- A play worth 3 points where the kicker attempts to kick the ball through a U-shaped goal in the endzone.

End Zone- A 10-yard section stretching the width of the field at both ends of the playing field.

Touchdown- A play worth 6 points where a player crosses the plane of the opponent’s goal line with the ball in hand.

First Down- The first play of every series.

2. Play Off the Crowd: When they yell, you yell. When they boo, you boo. Simple, right?

3. Attire: Unless you bleed blue and grey, less is definitely more.

4. Find Your Source: If you have a question, don’t just ask anybody. Find that one person that will help you with your less than impressive football knowledge.

5. Navigate: Even if you have no clue where your seats are, navigate like you are Christopher Columbus.

6. Ears Open: Listen to the announcer — he actually knows what’s going on.

7. Keep Your Mouth Full: Nobody will want have an in-depth convo with you if your mouth is full of hot dogs and beer.

8. The Yes Man: I use this method quite often. Nod your head in agreement while continuously saying yes and yeah!

In the end if you don’t get it, don’t stress it — just have a ball! (pun intended)

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