FreshU in The Digest Lunch Box

by Abby Montanez

Finding food that is both healthy and delicious isn’t always an easy task, especially when you start to factor in convenience. We’re always running from place to place, too busy to eat, forever wishing that time was on our side, just this once.

FreshUFreshU, however, has mastered the balance between good tasting food that is fresh, healthy, and can be made fast. They have a responsibility to uphold to their customers, meaning they like everything to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, the reasoning behind their online and app ordering systems. For this week’s Digest Lunch Box, we were able to taste just some of what this grill and fresh squeezed juice bar has to offer.

Starting with the wraps, not only were they packed with filling, but also with flavor. We tried
the Holy Guacamole, Buffalo Chicken Burrito, and the Spicy Chipotle, and each contained a generous serving of guacamole. Give us all the guac, always!

FreshUThe energy bowls stayed true to their name, filled with energy boosting ingredients such as brown rice, black beans, and proteins like chicken and salmon. We tried Mighty Mexico, Super Salmon, Powerhouse, and Texi Cali, all of which were easily devoured by the end.

FreshUAnd not to forget about the quesadillas (a personal favorite), we had the Dos Loco, Buffalo Chicken, and Chipotle Chicken, all served on whole wheat, and all equally delicious.

Keeping us full, happy, and healthy, a thank you to FreshU for feeding our hungry staff!


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Abby is The Digest's Managing Editor. She spends her time looking at dogs on Instagram and eating her way around Jersey City.

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