Grab Your Shovel – Indoor Gardening in the Big City


Is your thumb looking a little green lately? Well, mine is and that’s because it’s finally fall! This season is known for hosting ideal planting temperatures for a variety of edible herbs and vivacious greenery, but for some of us city slickers, gardening can be a challenge. This year I dug deep (pun intended), and discovered five amazingly low maintenance plants and herbs to make for vibrant centerpieces or delicious additions to your favorite meals. It’s time to grab the miracle grow, a shovel, small pots and get down and dirty, because this fall you can be the next Martha Stewart. Here are some of my favorite green friends.

1. African Violet: This houseplant is a great option to add a pop of color with little backache. The African Violet blooms year round and only requires a little watering and filtered sunlight. Place this guy on your window sill and watch it do its thing.


2. Hibiscus: This is my mom’s favorite and a special part of my childhood memories. The Hibiscus is a showstopper for its giant blooms and array of vibrant colors. The secret to keeping this house plant flowering throughout the fall is plenty of sunlight and moist soil. If you can find a constant light source, they may last through the winter!


3.  Mint: This yummy herb grows like weeds — the kind we actually like! Both spearmint and peppermint thrive in shaded areas all year long. The best way to sprout this hearty herb starts with a few simple seeds, a small pot, soil, and just a little water. Place Mr. Mint on a shaded window sill with only a sliver of light and you will have mint 365 days a year!


4. Chives: This is one of the easiest indoor herbs to grow and not to mention a tasty way to kick up your next meal. Chives require minimal light and little overall maintenance. The best way to start your chive plant is to pull a bundle from an already established plant and place in a small pot of soil. Cut â…“ off the top to stimulate new growth.


5. Jasmine: They should rename this plant Rapunzel, because it never stops growing! As one of easiest to grow and bearing a fantastic floral fragrance, Jasmine is the perfect indoor greenery. All Ms. Jasmine requires is bright, intense light and moist soil.


Remember, just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t garden like a farmer — after all, this is the Garden State!

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