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by Lynda
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Real Food Nutrition the Healthy Hoboken Girl Way

I’m conducting a little food experiment over here on reducing the amount of processed food I consume.  I first had to get honest with myself and take a hard look at what I was buying and sneaking into my ‘healthy’ diet.  Tell me I’m not the only person spending way too much time in the chip aisle at Basic Foods?!

Vegan Junk Food is still Junk Food I didn’t want to quit my vegan junk food habit cold turkey, so for awhile it’s just been a recurring thought running though my mind.  Starting with me being conscious of the food choices I make everyday.  Noticing when I reach for those so called ‘healthy’ chips (aka-junk food) and when I reach for real food like a piece of fruit.  Becoming more aware of my eating and how we use it to comfort ourselves gave me such insight into my diet.  I started to listen closer to those hunger messages and what my body was asking for.  I also realized that some things are just habit, and bad habits are hard to change.

Self Discovery My project to study myself and my food habits was very interesting.  I discovered that I’m a huge crunchy chip person and can take or leave the sweets.  And that most of my processed food came in the form of breads, crackers, chips and non-dairy creamer. Not a huge list, but something I wanted to be aware of and add in more nutritious choices into my diet.  I came up with a short list of ways to increase my fruit and vegetable intake and thought I’d share with all of you.

Real Food Nutrition the Healthy Hoboken Girl Way Blended Smoothies: Just real food, no crazy protein powders or mystery sweeteners.  Just fruit and vegetable…blend and drink.  Keep it simple and add in all the colors you like. healthy hoboken girl smoothie

Vegetable Soups: A delicious and tasty way to add in more veggies into your diet and perfect for this time of year.  Make a big batch and freeze for easy weeknight meals.

Big A** Green Salad: Hello fiber people, you know you need it.  Commit to having at least one big salad a day and notice your health and energy levels sky rocket.

Everyday Veggie Tray: I use a special container in my fridge (right in the front so I eat them) with pre-cut vegetable sticks.  This is such a great way to grab and go healthy real food snacks in minutes.  Add hummus or almond butter and it’s a party in your mouth.

Snack on Fruit, Seeds & Nuts: The original fast food.  Easy to bring with you and eat anywhere.  No more pre-packaged sugary granola bars with tons of chemicals.

Keep it real. I hope this inspires you to add in more real food to your diet.  Be on the lookout for more healthy tips and ideas on my blog Healthy Hoboken Girl, my live spreecast Fridays at 1pm at Lynda’s Healing Kitchen, as well as future posts on The Digest. Until next time, eat more plants and be healthy.  And please feel free to stop me in the chip aisle of Basic Food and say hello.

In good health,


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Passionate Nutrition Counselor and Holistic Health Coach, Healthy real-food Chef, aspiring vegan and writer and founder of the blog Healthy Hoboken Girl. Serving my community to eat more plants. move their body and live their best life.

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