Helpful Tips for Hiding Presents

by Sebastian Krawiec

As the Christmas holiday draws nearer, there’s no doubt the presents are accumulating. Before it gets too out of hand, here are some tips for hiding presents from curious youngsters.

Avoid suspicion:

~Timing is important. Shop when it’s right and hide when it’s right. Maybe take a day off from work and do all the shopping and hiding when the kids are at school. If the kids catch you sneaking around, you might catch them doing the same.

~Get rid of store bags. If kids see them, they will suspect recent shopping excursions and go looking. The worst thing one can do is spark a child’s curiosity because there is no quelling that.

Take precautions:

~Wrap presents sooner rather than later. If your kids find wrapped presents, chances are they won’t open them, so that they are not exposed as snoops.

Pick a good spot:

~Pick something generally out of reach, like high cabinets or an attic. Under the bed doesn’t work well and closets may also be too easy. For a while you’re just hiding so that the kids don’t run into it. But when they begin to doubt Santa, that’s when you have to watch out because kids are clever and resourceful when they want to find something.

~Fear works in your favor. If you have a scary basement, laundry room, or boiler room that the kids are freaked out by, perfect.

Big Brother is Watching:

~A recent craze is “The Elf on the Shelf” which is a creepy little plastic elf, based on a popular children’s book, who watches over the children’s behavior. It changes position each night and reports back to Santa. Definitely a helpful tool in fight against snoopy children.

~Another option is to just be creative. If you suspect your kids of looking for their presents, you could do something like plant a cease and desist letter from Santa in the mail.

Hopefully these suggestions helped, but I’m sure there are many more ways out of hiding presents that I haven’t covered here. So feel free to share your methods by leaving a comment below!


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