Hoboken Introduces Post Office Redevelopment for New Hotel

by Michael Scivoli

Corner view of Hoboken Post Office

On Wednesday April 5th, the Hoboken City Council will meet to introduce a plan which will redevelop the stagnant lot behind the city’s Post Office. The vacant parking lot will be reimaged as a hotel with a clever design that will also preserve the Hoboken Post Office as a historical structure. The redevelopment require vast changes to Newark Street, with wider sidewalks and architecture that will “improve connectivity” to the waterfront district, stimulating the block of Sinatra Drive before First Street. Mayor Dawn Zimmer expressed gratitude toward Council President Jennifer Giattino and the redevelopment committee for expediting this project while having an open line of communication with the Mayor’s Office.

“With the W Hotel often fully booked, there is a clear need for more hotel space for our families, friends, and everyone who visits Hoboken,” Zimmer said. “This world-class hotel would improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to our waterfront, replace an eyesore with a vibrant, active streetscape with public amenities, and also provide much-needed meeting and event space for our community.”

Aerial View of Project Site

The plan itself has the potential to open over 100 permanent jobs and generate over million dollars of revenue in real estate. Hotel construction must follow guidelines using high-quality building materials and architecture, designed to narrow the building to maximize light and minimize shadows on Pier A Park.

“As Council Subcommittee Chair, my projects have always strongly supported diversifying our tax base from residential towards more commercial, and this project does just that,” said Councilman Peter Cunningham. “I am confident we have met these challenges which will result in a win-win for Hoboken and its local businesses and residents.”

The Post Office Redevelopment Plan is available online at: www.hobokennj.gov/docs/communitydev/Post-Office-Redev-Plan-2017-03-27.pdf

*Images courtesy of Hobokennj.gov



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