Hoboken Pizza- Your Pie Guide

by Stephania Reyes

It’s time to talk pizza — that crispy, cheesy goodness! It’s almost impossible for me to remember how long ago it was when I had my first slice. One thing’s for sure, it had me at the first bite. Living in a town like Hoboken that’s rich with Italian culture, I’ve been exposed to many different types of pizzerias. Here is my breakdown of Hoboken pizza.

Hoboken pizza can be categorized into four types:

1) Brick-Oven

2) Standard

3) Eye-Catching

4) Late-Night Contenders

1) Brick Oven: These establishments are all known for their crisp brick-oven slices. With authentic brick-ovens and original recipes, these are some sought-after slices.

Super fresh ingredients that make for a savory sauce on top of a perfectly charred crust.


Beyond getting a mouth-watering pie, the entire ambiance makes for a perfect evening out.


2) Standard: There is nothing boring here, but these kind of slices have more accessibility and is often are the go-to slices .

– Need a quick slice without sacrificing quality? This is your place. The sauce used in each slice has a sublime balance of flavor; each one is always warmed to perfection.


– A classic slice served in a casual atmosphere. You can taste tradition in every bite. This is my favorite. This slice contains a bit more cheese than the rest, and is just the right size.  It may not be perfect but it’s perfect for me!

3) Eye-Catching : This Hoboken Pizza attracts all kinds “foodies”. Why wouldn’t you try one of these more intriguing slices?

 -Can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for dinner or dessert? Well, now you don’t have to! Johnny’s has a Nutella slice on the menu.



–  If you are in a relationship with pizza, as I am, then you must try this slice. Not only is it a sensational slice, it is also the biggest in town!


4) Late-Night Contenders: These late-night establishments are sometimes even more entertaining than the Hoboken bars. Besides the entertainment, they do make some great slices. More importantly, they’re open at 2am.

They are very set for the late night crowd, with an array of choices and a corner location with open walls. The slice is pleasant and has a sweeter sauce than others in town.


Chances are if you’re not a Basile’s, you’re at Imposto’s. The slices are lighter on sauce and heavier on toppings.


Holding the fort in central Hoboken, this slice is known to be the meat-lovers’ favorite.



Now, you know–Excuse me while I go grab a slice !



Tip: Pizza Pie > Flowers any day!



Photo credits menupages.com

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