Is The Creative Process, A Process At All?


Each person is unique to how they think, feel and work. This is especially true when considering someone who works in the “creative” industry. When working in this type of industry you have to be able to jump from idea to idea without losing the concept in the midst of all the chaos. Some industry professionals recommend following a very systematic format when thinking of creative ideas or campaigns. Others tend to do the exact opposite and never follow the same pattern or process.


In terms of our creative team, here at the agency, we fall under the latter category and tend to start brainstorming, role the dice and see where it leads us. In most cases it has lead us to a great idea, a well thought out concept and an amazing campaign, but I can not guarantee this will be the outcome for everyone who tries this approach. The key to figuring out what works best for you, your team and your agency as a whole, is through trial and error.


So can rolling the dice really be considered a process? We believe that as long as you are happy with your end result, it shouldn’t matter what it took to get you there!

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