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It’s Those Little Things…

In a generation where unemployment rates and the cost of living is sky high, recent grads and others alike have learned to really budget their finances. Yet, we often overlook what a blessing in disguise these struggles can really be. Sitting amongst a group of colleagues sharing their meals, you will see the most important thing shared are the loads of laughs accompanying the cans of beans and Raman Noodles. If you can look at these minor inconveniences that come along with being in your 20s, you can learn to appreciate the more difficult times that may come. The moments are the building blocks of being. So go ahead! Enjoy the poor man’s sushi and rip open that can of tuna.

And by all means, travel! Don’t have the funds? Load up the old Caddy, take a trip to wherever you desire, and hope it gets you there. But if somehow along the ride it doesn’t, live that experience. There is a reason why the road led you there.

Also, it might be way out of your reach to pay an expensive cable bill. I personally have the most basic cable out there and actually have had the good fortune of discovering point channels. It sure makes for a lovely evening in. Channels like Movies! 5.2  only play classic movies, allowing you to be engulfed in a delightful night of classic Hollywood — meet-cutes, glamorous fashion, and Cary Grant. Need I say more?

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