L Squared: Building Unique Homes

by Michael Scivoli

Specializing in boutique brownstones, L Squared is a local contractor that offers their clients the highest standard of materials, service, and imagination. Driven by a passion for creative architecture, owner Dave Slurz has enjoyed over 20 years of working in the industry. Having received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sculpture, Dave has spent years constructing movie sets and being featured on home renovation shows. Now Dave is going back to the basics and doing what he loves. He and his team strive to bring that same effort and uniqueness from their experience to homes all over Hudson County. Using everything from traditional architecture to modern design (and everything in between) they treat each space like the work of art it is meant to be. Simply put, L Squared is about giving their clients the home they’ve always dreamed of.

To create these spectacular homes, Dave personally oversees each project L Squared takes on—spending his time in every space envisioning the design to come. Because the crew only focuses on one project at a time, each home gets the attention and thought it deserves. As many of us know all too well, that is a rarity in the industry. As he continues to put his artistic spin on every post and beam in his path, Dave’s goal is to give his clients that wow factor. “I want to exceed expectations,” he says. “For me, it’s about finding a creative solution, coming up with a plan to make art out of the little details, while staying true to the science of the structure.” More than just builders, L Square aspires to create homes from the inside out with a creative vision, a vision that is not bound by any one style or set of rules. Dave and his staff know that we are all unique, and our homes should show it. Perhaps it’s time to go beyond the limits of design.

For more information or to contact Dave Slurz directly, please feel free to email L Squared at [email protected] or call: 201-401-5971

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