Life Hacks To Make Your Day Easier

by Lauren Scrudato

Who doesn’t want to know how to make their everyday routine just a bit easier? Here’s a list of life hacks you’ll be thanking us for sharing.

Sink too small? Grab a dustpan.

Ever struggled to fill a bucket of water from the sink because it was too big to fit under the faucet? Grab a dustpan and place the wider end under the head of the faucet and let the water filter down towards the handle and neatly drop into the bucket.

Messy painting.

There’s nothing fun about painting a room except maybe picking out what color you want. One way to ensure things run a little better is to put a rubber band around your open paint can and use it to rub excess paint off your brush. This way you don’t have to use the side of the can and have paint drip all down the side of it. Now you’ll just have to wash it off of your entire body.

The impossible to open plastic packaging.

One of my biggest pet peeves is trying to open hard plastic packaging. Next time scissors or a knife are unsuccessful, try using a can opener to get that plastic apart.

Save your hands when carrying groceries.

Before leaving your house for the grocery store, bring along a large carabiner to assist you in carrying multiple bags of groceries back home. Simply loop all the bags’ handles onto the carabiner so you don’t have to worry about cutting off circulation to your fingers.

Keeping hydrated.
Health professionals tell us to drink about six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. An easy way to keep track of your water intake is to mark lines on your water bottle with the time of day you should have consumed that amount by.

Clothespins will prevent thumb bruises.

I can safely say anyone’s biggest fear when hammering a nail into a wall is accidently hammering your finger instead. To avoid this pain, clasp a clothespin around the nail to hold it in place.

The perfect bag of popcorn.
Make the perfect bag of popcorn by ensuring there aren’t any unpopped kernels to dig around. Once your bag of popcorn is done popping in the microwave, turn it upside down and open a slit just big enough for the unpopped kernels at the bottom to fall out.

Warm beer is a travesty.
One of my biggest struggles on a weekend is showing up to a friend’s house with warm beer and having to wait for what feels like an eternity before my beverage reaches the optimal temperature. But I’ve now found a faster way to get your beer cold– wrap a wet paper towel around it put it in the freezer for just 15 minutes.

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