Celebrate National Cookie Day with a Bang

by Abby Montanez

It may be a minor holiday, but National Cookie Day is worth celebrating nonetheless. Whether you’re a chocolate chip purist or peanut butter lover, there’s nothing sweeter than an entire day devoted to these decadent discs of dough. Lucky for us, Jersey City just welcomed Bang Cookies to the neighborhood—an organic, Non-GMO bakeshop cranking out the biggest, ooeiest and gooiest treats Hudson County has ever seen. We recently sat down with owner and founder, George Kuan, who let us in on the secrets behind his craveable cookies.  

“We use butter, a fair amount of it too. We’re not afraid to say it because life without butter is a sad one,” Kuan admitted half-jokingly. While he does have a point, it is the quality of ingredients that Bang Cookies invests in that allows them to stand above the rest. Everything from butter, flour and eggs to chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and peanut butter are certified organic, Non-GMO and fair trade (when possible). “It’s more expensive, but it’s ok to pay more if it’s good for the consumer and the producer,” Kuan explained. The final product yields a cookie that is not only superior in taste, but it’s something you can feel better about eating.

national cookie dayBang Cookies began selling their fresh-baked batches at the Jersey City Farmers’ Market until the demand simply grew too big. This past October, Kuan opened his storefront in The Heights, which currently offers nine different types of cookies.

Walking into the store, the first thing you notice (aside from the alluring aroma) is their eye-catching sign which cleverly reads: “I got banged in Jersey City.” The bright lights make for one heck of an Instagram post, a tactic Kuan believes has already brought them more business. “We have people who come in just to take a picture and end up buying a cookie.” Much like the design, their entire cookie factory is on display for patrons to peek and gander at while awaiting their treats.

Kuan, who has no formal culinary schooling, knows just how much it takes to make a good cookie and spent over 14 years creating and perfecting his recipe. The goal is for customers to undergo a complete umami experience. “There’s different elements to consider, just like anything else. We look at different flavor combinations like salty mixed with sweet, how warm the cookie is, what the texture is going to be like, etc…”

national cookie day


Once you take a bite, you know you’ve happened upon something special. Not only are they heavy (literally), they’re crisp on the outside and just barely baked on the inside—definitely unlike anything your mom has ever made. Each cookie is individually wrapped for freshness and they even offer free local delivery for late night or all-day eats. In 90 minutes or less, hot and fresh cookies could be waiting for you on doorstep. If you live outside the area, Bang Cookies also offers shipping by mail nationwide.

Looking forward, the bakeshop will soon offer speciality stuffed cookies, ice cream sandwiches and their “kitchen sink” cookie—which, as you can imagine, will have a lot going on.

In the meantime, make sure you celebrate National Cookie Day with a “Bang” and check out their website to find out how to order today.

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