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Spinning your way to the Top

by Caroline Burns

With the turn of the season and the weather changing in Hoboken, NJ, the outdoor biking season is coming to an end. What better way to keep your workouts in check then taking an indoor spinning class.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of taking a spin class at Hoboken’s Prime Cycle, located in the Maxwell. Unlike any other spin class I’ve taken, this night club setting environment (black lights & dance music) will leave you breathless – literally!   The class starts out with high intensity choreographed intervals and uses leaning exercises to the right & left so you’re not only working the lower body but core as well.

Prime Cycle Digest 300x250 Sept. 2015

Bike set-up is unique in the sense that the pedals are removed so everyone can wear proper spin shoes which can be rented at the studio. Each bike has a rack behind the seat where mini-weights are stored as the last ten minutes of class are used for upper body; giving you the ultimate total body workout in 1 hour. Alter, if you’re looking for some retail therapy the studio is fully loaded with adorable workout gear – making the experience even that much more fun!

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