Quick Halloween Tricks

by Michael Scivoli

Quick Halloween Tricks — For the Trickster in You

As our adolescent counterparts over indulge tonight, and we are left limiting ourselves to 1 Reese’s and maybe a bag of M&M’s, we must remember that Halloween is a two part affair — Tricking and Treating. As adults we have a responsibility to take back the part of Halloween that doesn’t get stuck in our midsection. If you’re like me, you know that there’s nothing like the excitement leading up to the reaction of a loved one or stranger who is about to be spooked. That is why I scoured the web and my personal archives to make a list of quick Halloween tricks that you can pull on your friends and family tonight:

1. Before your kids or roommates hit the sheets tonight, throw some fake spiders or insects under their bedspread. Additionally, you can throw these little guys in someone’s box of cereal the next day when they’re least expecting it.

2. Cut a hole into the bottom of a bowl and the middle of small table, and hide underneath. When your neighbors are ready to remove a piece of candy from the bowl, grab their hand and brace for a scream.

3. If you can’t use fake mouth blood capsules on Halloween, when can you use them? Crack open one of these caps at the dinner table tonight, and maybe add in a fake tooth or two.

4. Having a party? Take some strange objects and freeze them inside your ice cubes; things like fake insects or eyeballs work the best. When your guests ask for a drink with ice, you know what to do.

5. Buy a decent size rubber critter and put it into your friends toilet bowl (be sure to put the lid down before you leave).

6. If you’re stuck home catering to trick-or-treaters, make them feel stuck too. Super glue a few pieces of candy at the bottom of your bowl and watch as kids give it their best. Be a good sport and reward them once you’ve diminished their hopes.

7. The scarecrow on the front porch never gets old. Put on a mask, some large sized clothes, and add straw. Once you’ve got your look figured out, find a spot on the porch while holding the candy bowl (be sure to slump in an awkward position) and scare people as they choose their favorite sweets.

8. The morning after Halloween is never too late for a prank. Throw on a horrible mask and a hood over it, and as your friend sleeps climb beside their bed and gently wake them (subtlety is key). Just make sure they don’t have any sort of pre-existing heart condition before trying this one.

Perform these quick Halloween tricks at your own discretion and always be mindful of your surroundings. Believe that I will be pulling off several of these within the next 24 hours. Happy Halloween!


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