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Super Expensive Super Bowl 2014

by Lauren Scrudato

Super Bowl 2014 is still 117 days away, and we don’t know which teams are playing yet, but we do know that the game will be the first held outside at MetLife Stadium and that people from all over the country are already planning their Super Bowl weekend. The cheaper tickets (and by cheap, I mean $500) have already been snatched up, and local hotels are at full capacity for the weekend of February 2nd.

If you’re still looking for a perfect spot to crash after the big game, you may want to knock on some doors within a few miles of the stadium. Ads on Craigslist.com and Eventhomes.com have pages of listings from New Jersey and New York City residents willing to leave their homes for the week to rent out to Super Bowl fanatics. But be ready to pay big bucks for your accommodations. One gentleman on Craigslist listed a two-family home for the week, and he’s asking $20,000 for each floor.

Another listing features just the second floor of a home, conveniently located only a mile from MetLife, which is going for a humble $2,000 per day. But you get the added bonus of sending a grocery list that will be taken care of prior to your arrival.

Premium seats at the Super Bowl are going for $9,292 while upper level nose bleeders are currently at $2,500 on Vividseats.com. The absurd prices of tickets and crash pads begs the question: Is it not good enough to just watch on your big screen from the comfort of your own couch? Apparently not.

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