Surviving New Year’s

by Lauren Scrudato

As you put on your classiest outfit and get ready to party the final hours of 2013 away, here’s our guide on surviving New Year’s.

Prepare for your hangover.
Before going out tonight, stock your fridge with all the necessary hangover breakfast foods and put a couple Advil pills on your nightstand with a tall glass of water so you save yourself the trouble of stumbling around your house blurry-eyed at 4 a.m.

Download Find My Phone app.
The most common items we lose during nights out are our keys and phone. Luckily you can download a Find My Phone app and retrieve it using a friend’s device. This is a vital tool for New Year’s and saves you the hassle of standing in line at a Verizon store hungover the following day.

Keep your friends in sight.
In addition to losing your keys and phone, the next worst-case scenario on New Year’s is separating from your group of friends in a packed bar. Utilize the popular elementary school buddy system tactic whenever you go to the bathroom or grab another drink. Your night will quickly turn into a nightmare if you end up spending hours trying to call your misplaced friends with no success because they’re too busy having fun at the bar down the street to hear your call.

Don’t drink as if the world’s ending.
Some feel the need to party as if there will be no tomorrow. Rational thoughts and morning regret float out of their mind, and they often become “that guy” on New Year’s. Drink. Drink, but remain functional enough to make it back to your room without making any enemies tonight.

Have a backup plan.
If you fail to keep track of your phone, your friends, and you do end up drinking like the world’s ending, have an emergency plan. Memorize the number for a cab company or one of your friends and hope some nice stranger will let you borrow their phone so you can call and get home. And maybe even hide a few extra bucks on you somewhere other than your wallet, just in case.

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