The Dream Big Academy: Sending a Big Message

by Michael Scivoli

The Dream Big Academy: Sending a Big Message

We love authors here at the Digest, and we especially love authors from our area. Hoboken resident Marissa Klein recently had her first book published, a children’s book called The Dream Big Academy with illustrations by Brooke Hagel. The book is about a little girl named Rosie, who, after laying eyes on a firetruck, dreams that she aids firemen in the rescue of a cat that’s stuck in a tree. The fire chief tells her that she can be whatever she wants when she grows up, and after waking from the dream, she shares her new career passion with her parents. Although the book is a children’s story, it evokes a certain nostalgia in adults as well.

The Dream Big Academy may be told in little rhymes, but it’s sending a big message to parents and their kids. Klein, a mother of two, gets us back to those days where “you can be whatever you dream.” This is an idea every parent should remember and every child should believe. As a kid, some of my favorite stories I’d read with my parents were those that got me dreaming of what I would possibly do in the future. As I read about the chief encouraging Rosie to follow her passion, it reminded me to hold onto that belief.

If I were a father, I’d read The Dream Big Academy with my children. The story is timeless, and it helps bridge the gap for parents to explain careers to their kids. In a time where the economy isn’t what it used to be, Klein’s book is a refreshing voice that embodies hope. For more information or to purchase your copy visit The Dream Big Academy.

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